I have to return two *worthless* plastic mags!

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Skyhook, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. S_O_B, I hate getting stuff of such poor quality that not only will it not feed the gun, but it will not even come close to fitting the &%$# magazine well.

    I am withholding the MFG name at this point awaiting some resolution, but cripes, shouldn't something touted to fit the AK-47 actually go into the freaking magazine well?!?

    As one may ascertain from the above, I am pissed... at least a little.:steamed:

    I own no plastic mags--- this was a sort of experiment that has left me shaking my head.

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  3. Two things.
    1) This is an AR sub forum. GT has a separate sub forum for AK issues.
    2) Since you aren’t disclosing the manufacturer, what is the purpose of this post?

  4. im gonna say tapco, but what do i know..
  5. "Black Rifle'

    Golly, I sure did not wish to bend your feathers, son.

    Ok, I'll be gone.

    Have a great day.:whistling:
  6. It's all good.:supergrin:
    Hope your return works out.
  7. I ordered known junk and am pissed it's junk. Hey JT, cry me a river.
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  8. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    It is not that we are telling you to go away, but....

    1. If you are talking AK, you will have more luck posting in the AK forum.
    2. With out posting a manufacturer, you are not warning us and we can not help you.
    3. All AKs are not the same. It may work in some and not yours. What AK do you have? What mags do you normally use?
  9. DJ Niner


    Moved to Kalashnikov Klub (AK forum).
  10. HWI


    I would venture Promag, easily the crappiest mags I have ever used.
    Tapcos aren't durable but at least they feed correctly.

    What kind of AK do you have? If it is one that had it's mag well opened up here in the US then that can sometimes be a contributing factor.
  11. Personally I'm a steel mag only kind of guy. Pretty panic mil surplus steel mags were like $8-$10 so I never saw the point then.

    Nowadays they charge the same price for the plastic as they do for the steel if you can find either on in stock.

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  12. I've always tried to get commie steel or commie polymer mags. Though in the current market I wouldn't blame anyone for getting Tapco's. Promag's seem to have a horrible reputation though.
  13. Don't know what magazines you are referring to, but I have Tapco magazines and they run like a top! Did you try the magazines in another gun with a quality reciever?

    Some AK guns are cobbled together rather crudely in the magazine area causing problems.
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  14. ProMag.

    I have had this AK for a couple of years with several magazines- all steel. This was my first and last run at plastic... or whatever they are.
  15. There are a lots of plastic magazines, U.S. and foriegn. AK guns had plastic magazine before the AR-15 had PMags. The plastic magazines are not bad, it's the cobbled together recievers that are not in spec.
  16. ProMags are known junk and it's been well communicated. This is your fault.
  17. FireForged

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    As I have said for more than a decade here on GT. Metal surplus mags or nothing for me.
  18. There's a reason every magazine in America is out of stock EXCEPT ProMag... you just learned the reason why the hard way.

    Try to run down some Tapco's. They generally work however you might find a few quirks like they won't take a full 30 rounds or they might break if you abuse them. Right now they're a workable alternative to not being able to find good surplus AK mags.
  19. I know it is my FAULT. Assigning FAULT is important to you, isn't it?

    What the hell office in the Obama administration do you hold, anyhow?

    Now, return to your mom's basement and do whatever faultless creatures do in their moms' basements.:upeyes:

  20. Sure, the good mags are scarce, if not gone completely, but I went with MidwayUSA, a company I have trusted for twenty or so years and many, many purchases- all satisfactory.

    As bozo, above said- it's my FAULT!
  21. this was my guess also as ive never had any problems with Tapcos..would I want them in COMBAT..probably not..but last i checked im not in nor going to combat so they work just fine..I have never had a single problem,mis feed or breakdown with Tapcos..BUT I have seen some (i dont own them but see guys with them at the range having problems sometimes) with ProMags.

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