I have a Gen 2 G23, but long for Gen 3, help me!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by billydoo, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Ok, so I live in MA. I was able, to get a Gen 2 G23 LE trade. Nice gun. For some reason I keep looking at Gen 3's and feel like I need it, to the point where I am almost tempted to pay the $675 people are asking. I purchased a LW 40-9 conversion barrel and 9mm mag. I dunno, I just feel like the Gen 2 is inferior for some reason. I cannot buy a new Glock in my state. Is the Gen 3 or Gen 4 a much better firearm? We in MA are totally screwed. I have to buy used or get lucky with someone in state.

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  3. Move to a non commie country.
    Not even trying to be funny. I would never put up with liberal guns laws.

  4. I own 2 homes in MA. Easier said than done! Believe me, the wifey and I want to move to Alaska.
  5. I'd just keep the Gen 2.
  6. Gen 2 > Gen 3

    Why the hell do you want finger bumps?

    Is this all so you can have a rail with a laser/light? If so, let me tell you, as someone with a laser/light on my Gen4, it is a ****ing waste of money.
  7. Also, how do you have 4 billion posts?
  8. :agree:
  9. Keep the gen 2.
  10. I know people who have lived there. If you can handle the winters it is an amazing place to live.
  11. I work Security in Ma. Every year I have to go to Chelsea to reapply for pepper spray. Ma. is the only state that considers pepper spray a weapon. Go figure!
  12. The real differences between Gen 2 & Gen 3's are finger groves and rail.
    Now maybe it's just me but I could live without either of those features very easily.

    If one just had to have them well their is Hoge grip sleeves,there's your finger groves.
    A add on rail and you now have all the features of the Gen 3 on your Gen 2. SJ 40

  13. Well let me tell YOU as someone who has a light on the rail of his G23 that I couldn't disagree more with you statement. For night stand duty a light is perhaps the most valuable piece of equipment that you can have attached to your gun.

    The finger grooves I can take or leave.

  14. e-man

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    As soon as the gen 3 lowers were available, I got one for my gen2 23 and still have no desire to go back...gen 2 was even blockier. FYI...it has been the most reliable and smooth. I can appreciate a light since I could have to move me and my little one around.
  15. I don't want to investigate bumps in the night with the muzzle pointed at everything for safety reasons. I favor a mag light in one hand and my Glock in the other. This was Mas Ayoob's advice as well concerning weapon mounted lights.
  16. I personally favor the Gen 2 grip. I removed the finger humps and stippled the frontstrap of my Gen 3 G23. Next I'm going to flatten the backstrap hump.
  17. Thanks. I think it is just the "can't have it in MA easily" syndrome! Used Gen 3 glocks routinely sell for $675-750 in MA. I wish I was part of free America. I hope I like the 40-9 conversion barrel from Lone wolf when it arrives next week.
  18. Damn, $675-700 for a used Gen 3? I'm so glad I don't live there. My brand new Gen 3 23 cost $509. :tongueout:

    While I've never held a Gen 2, I find the Gen 3 to be much more aesthetically pleasing, and I like the finger grooves. They look nice and they're comfortable. I know I'll end up with at least one Gen 2 Glock at some point in time, but that's because I want to own a Gen 1, a Gen 2, a Gen 3, a Gen 4, and a Gen 5 whenever they decide to come out with it. But, until then, my Gen 3 will do the job just fine.
  19. I wish I was part of free America.
    That is the ultimate solution to the problem. SJ 40
  20. If your Gen 2 has the upgraded parts it is not inferior at all to the Gen 3 or Gen 4. A lot of people will argue that it is better.

    I recently got a like new Gen 2 G19 and the only thing that I needed to upgrade was the slide lock spring (it had the old style narrow spring). It and my Gen 2 G20 are as good if not better then my Gen 3's and Gen 4's. I personally like the non grooved grip on the Gen 2.
  21. :yourock:

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