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I hate you GLOBE!!!

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by sandman_sy, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. sandman_sy


    Nov 15, 2006
    Ahem ahem.. my head is smoldering right now.. just want to rant... :steamed:

    Last Sept 9, i lost my internet connection, i called up 211, informing them of the situation. The ADSL light was blinking and we did what we could and they just coudn't fix it. So a "technical team" will be going at the site daw tom.

    Ok2x.. its not something my wife or kids did to the setting... so told my wife don't go out, coz the globe people might come and find no one home, or the maid did not let them in. so, i called Sept 10 a.m., to follow up the visit, coz i really wanted an internet connection that night. I don't have nything to do but surf the net at nighttimes, hell, i don't even have cable. coz of the fact you can download everything on the net and my wife watches local stuff. Pag.lunch, when i went home, wala pa rin, called them again in the afternoon, following up again. Mind you, i was super patient and never gave a unhappy tone to them, i asked them if the technical people can give me a text or some sort of update. gave them my cell number the 2nd time. coz they asked for it the first time, coz "they'll keep in touch daw" and "top priority" nadaw.

    But pag.gabi, when i got home, my wife still told me walang net :( CRAP.. i said to myself. On my way to a party, called Globe, told them if ano na ba nangyari?? they just told me may sched nadaw tom a.m., 8-12 daw, told them again, to please be sure of it na they visit the house tom. "ok daw" ... so place the phone, spent another VERY boring evening(I sleep late kasi).

    Today, i called 11:30, asking bakit wala.. they told me naka.sched naman sir, just wait.. may darating na.. ok2x cge. when i got home 12:30, WALA.... MotherF^&*er....S#!t.... my wife told me cya kanina via my bro's wifi.. so its definitly not an Area thingy. Called them again, here's the kicker... Cancelled daw ang visit!!! that's where my head just blew off...

    I gave them a piece of my mind, and told the frickin Call center @$$ im going to they're office to get some answers. Went to the office, waited 45 min for my priority num, calmly explained things to the guy at the desk. "may power outage daw sa area" i told him im not aware of any power outage, next "nasira daw yung cabinet".. i told him bakit yung bro ko na internet and the store's meron, went to the back, came back, sa Node daw.. different daw kami. Told him pwede ba na ma.transfer yung sa akin sa iba. Hindi daw.. i hate this part.. "wala daw akong magawa but wait"

    so there.. F^&*in GLOBE ruined my day, ruined my weekend, and maybe just maybe ruined my F^&*in next weekend....

    RANT MODE OFF...:faint:
  2. gundog

    gundog senior gunner

    Jan 12, 2005

  3. where is the service in customer service...I bet once you're connection is up, you dont get a discount for the days that you did not have service
  4. Wp.22


    Jan 17, 2005
    Kaya ako skybroadband ang gamit as long as may cable signal may internet
  5. akula

    akula BizDuc NM Millennium Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Diri, Diha, Didto
    No need to bet -- that's a sure thing!

    Globe customer service SUCKS big time. That's why I terminated their Broadband during the big outage after the Taiwan quake a few years ago. ******ed up billing system even billed me after my termination (with demand letter pa!):steamed: I have lots of personal friends with Globe operations and CS, but it just that they all are operating is some different frequencies.

    Good thing we have some alternatives now... We vote with our wallets.
  6. goodtj

    goodtj Shotgun lover

    Oct 13, 2008
    kaya nga ako i stick with bayantel dsl nun tumawag ako with your same problem blinking dsl light @2am on a sunday by 10:30 am that very sunday may technician na pumunta sa bahay ko at check yun modem at yun line and then and there pinalitan yun modem kasi sira

    yun nga lang the give you a constant speed mabagal nga lang :embarassed::embarassed::embarassed:
  7. sandman_sy


    Nov 15, 2006
    Boy oh boy.. if they had a competition on the whole NDD part.. i have 4 globelines landline, 3 internet connections... i would have cut everything this pm. my wife was cooling my head down so di natuloy... Sigh...
  8. Tried both Globe and PLDT for more than 3 years using dual WAN router, Globe have more downtime than PLDT.

    At the end, I terminated the Globe DSL after the Ondoy flooding, Globe whole cabinet was stuck in water and took more than 4 months to restore it, while at the same time PLDT was up an running reliably even thought it had its own problem at times.
  9. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Jul 27, 2006
    I must be one of the few happy Globe DSL subscribers here, speeds are consistent as well as the connection...their landline leaves a little to be desired though, weak reception and volume are our main issues, as well as the occasional difficulty to connect to PLDT lines.

    PLDT DSL was bad, we were paying so much for an internet connection that was comparable to a 56k modem.
  10. ans3288


    Nov 29, 2004
    this problem happens to all ISPs and not only to globe. the secret is to get the one with the most limited amount of coverage at yung bandwidth will be used by the least number of people. here in my area, globe is the most consistent (i also have globe wimax and it sucks in my area), i didnt get pldt service and their 1mbps is TOO expensive (i guess if my globe isp fails on me il switch to them hehe). the dominant isp players here are digitel and local cable company, i used them both and their service sucked big time!!!

    i know the feeling of getting VERY POOR service, when it ruins ur day ikaw ang talo hindi sila, ;) hanap ka na lang ibang ISP or get a 3g router as a backup and buy a broadband sim with those one day surf all you can internet and attach it to one of these after that share the connection and u have emergency backup broadband kahit papaano :)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2010

    MAJINKONG Sr. Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Free Flood
    LAst Aug. 28, 2010 pa ako wala internet... sira daw cabinet. Bwisit nga ang Globe.
  12. De Angelo

    De Angelo

    Jan 6, 2009
    same here but i have them adjust the bill and curse them out a little just to give them a piece of my mind
  13. sandman_sy


    Nov 15, 2006
    Aug 28?? wth!!! bro.. you have it worse than me pala...
  14. presidingglock


    May 16, 2006
    A totally satisfied globe customer here. My internent connection in the office has been very realiable and consistently fast for the past 4 years. The PLDT connection at home on the other hand has been #@%#%%^#.
  15. ahtsay


    Jan 16, 2006
    I have a different opinion. We also use Globe DSL in our office and the performance has been spotty at best. I really didn't want to add to the rants here but for the past 3 weeks our internet has been in spurts. And I don't mean babagal tapos bibilis; more like mawawala, tapos magkakaroon. It's very frustrating to use. Buti pa kung totally nawala, you can ask them to adjust, pero kung ganito it's really hard :upeyes:

    The problem is no matter what ISP you use, you get the same problem. We use SKY at home. I think it's a little better than GLOBE pero minsan nawawala din eh. I think sa SKY average mga 3 to 4 calls per year for them to fix the connection.
  16. Ireklamo mo sa NTC if they don't give you a rebate. Write the NTC a letter. You'd be amazed at the result, although it might take a while.

    MAJINKONG Sr. Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Free Flood
    ok na GLobe COnnection. Contrary sa sinasabi sa customer service hotline at sa Globe Stations na merun daw UPGRADE na ginagawa, a technician went here and repaired the SHORTED connection sa cabinet nila. Its good i emailed Globe kundi baka malalaki na anak ko at wala pa rin kami internet. Parang 21 days wala.
  18. 21 days is too long. They should at least give you a discount on your bill since you have not been provided the service for almost a month