i got some gills

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 6-b-kwik, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. picked this up last night love it already 200 rds last night got it used with 3 mags in great shape hardlyfired for 433 out the door


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  2. Nice score and a good price.

  3. Great deal,Congrats ! SJ 40
  4. Jealous

    Austin via o hub
  5. MNOD Glocker

    MNOD Glocker always around

    Yea that is..... my dream Glock right there, RTF2 and gills..... I'm jealous lol
  6. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    :thumbsup: I love mine :supergrin:
  7. AK47Man

    AK47Man Expert Marksman

    Great find there..!! I am jealous too....(-:
  8. Nice find. Mine's a 22, so I picked up a 40-9 conversion barrel plus 3 G17 mag's so I can shoot either caliber. It is a real sweetheart to shoot with either.

  9. Nice gun. Congrats!
  10. Nice gun,I just bought one like it a few weeks back.Anyhow congrats on your purchase!
  11. JesseA

    JesseA Glock Historian

  12. Nothing like the RTF2's wish all of mine were RTF2 with Gills :supergrin:
  13. thxscouldnt pass it up i seen it and was in love :wow:
  14. You stole it...great price

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