I finally bit the bullet!!!

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by 9MMISFINE, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. I did it I got a reloading setup. I am so excited to start turning out rounds.
    Here is my setup let me know what you think. Keep in mind i'm just starting out so go easy on me.
    Press: Lee 4 hole turret w/ auto index kit scale powder dump $100
    Tumbler: Cabela's 400 Kit $55
    Lee Modern Reloading Manual: $15
    Hornady Headspace Gauge: $40
    Lee .357 Sig Steel 3 Die Set: $26
    Lee .357 Sig Factory Crimp Die: $19
    Electronic Caliper:$19
    Bullet Puller $12
    Lube and Pad $13
    Loading Block $9
    Total with shipping $341

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  3. You don't need the loading block. I would get a better loading manual. I would try Hornady one shot lube first instead of of lube and pad.

  4. You can ditch that. For a few more bucks, you can opt for a Lee Pro auto disk and a powder measure riser.
  5. Press: Lee 4 hole Classic Turret w/ auto index kit scale powder dump $212 (from Kempfs, comes with dies)
    Tumbler: Cabela's 400 Kit $55
    Lyman Reloading Manual: $15
    L.E. Wilson Case gages: $25 (From Dillon USA)
    Lee .357 Sig Factory Crimp Die: $19
    Electronic Caliper:$19
    Bullet Puller $12
    Hornady One Shot/Dillon Lube. $8
    Dillon Eliminator Scale. $55

    Total about $420

    Much, Much better scale, same dies, better manual, good case gauge, eliminated stuff you don't need.

    I know it's more but it's a lifetime investment and it's only another $100
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    Beam scales? Ha!
  7. congrats. enjoy the new addiction.
  8. I didn't realize you already ordered?
  9. Real men use beam scales.

    I use a cheap old Redding scale that I bought new in the early 1980's. Just last year I got bored and decided to check it using various weights and a NIST calibrated precision digital scale that we have at work. My beam scale is accurate to better than .2% from 2 grains to 35 grains.:tongueout:
  10. I have the hornady headspace gauges.
    They work good.
    Not much to them though.
    A must have IMO.

    I would suggest returning the lube & pad, FCD.
    and this goes super fast and really far!

    While I am running through about 11K in 5.56 right now. I use 2 shots on the pan, cover it in 1 layer of brass, shake the pan for 10 seconds, dump in case feeder, done!
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    I think you made a terrible mistake by not reading the sticky.

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