I carry a G19c, would you carry a compinsated model???

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by Folsom_Prison, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I carry a G19c. I was browsing google and ran into some other forums. They didnt reccomend carrying the compensated model due to the flash of the muzzle and slide. I really don't feel it's a issue IMO. What do you guys think??

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  2. I carry a G32C. The stories about blinding flash and burned flesh are hugely overblown.

  3. I agree!! IMO the flash only lasts for a second!! It's not like it sticks around for minutes and you can't re sight and shoot your next round.
  4. No I would not carry a compensated model.

    I want everything going out the front of the gun, not out the top and possibly bounced back towards me. (bullet shavings, hot gases and gunpowder)

  5. Really, huh. I shot my G19c yesterday and didn't have any issues with bullet shavings, hot gases or gunpowder!!
  6. While I don't currently own a G19C, when I did I compared it to a 38 special revolver in low lighting conditions. Guess what, the revolver had more flash coming from the barrel-cylinder gap than the flash coming from the G19's port. This is highly over-rated IMHO.
  7. DJ Niner


    This. ^

    The flash can be completely neutralized by careful ammo selection (most premium defensive loads flash very little, if any). Training can minimize the remote possibility of injury problems caused by the ports, just as knowledgeable defensive revolver shooters have dealt with magnum barrel/cylinder gap blast effects for decades.

    I own a G17C and G19C, and have carried both at various times.

  8. The difference is that a revovolver has flash comming from the cylinder gap while the c models have it comming from the top of your weapon along the same plane as your sights. Under low light this could potentially deminish your night vision and lead to a problem aquiring a proper sights picture after the first round. I don't want to carry a c model for that reason and one other which is I don't see the point esspecially with a 9mm it just seems pointless but if it works for you then go for it.
  9. I heard nothing but doom and gloom about tanking my 20c to Front Sight for a 4 day class that included night shooting.

    Other than a few students that tried to go through the class with foam ear plugs and got next to me, the gun ran through almost 700 rounds without a hicup, and was really fast on follow up double taps. My next in line students with the foam plugs complained about the noise. but they could move away.

    I could see the little fire jets coming up an inch or so during the night shoot, but running the AcroAir Ghost Ring tritium sights, I had no problem picking up my front sight for a 2 or 3 shot.

    Don;'t have a 9mm so cannot comment on shooting the compensated model, but have shot a lot of 10mm and 40Sw in the compensated barrel and especially with the 10mm my 2nd shot is less than .3 seconds after the 1st with the compensator. With the non-compensated barrel it is over .5 seconds so almost twice as long.

  10. another person that hasn't shot a C model before, just regurgitating info he/she heard on the internet.

    I've shot a C model in the night, is it no worse then shooting a regular model.

    99% of the people that talk bad about the C models on here have never shot one, so take what you hear for what its worth.
  11. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    no i wouldn't carry one. i don't like them. my worry would be more about dirt and debris getting in the openings than flash or noise.
  12. Theirs no need for a compensated model 19!
  13. D.S.Brown

    Millennium Member

    Yes! At some point I will own a G23C. I've shot them before in lowlight, and amazingly was not blinded the "flash." The only time I noticed it was when I was actively concentrating on looking for it, as opposed to focussing on my front sight.

    I've shot 4" .357 magnum revolvers with quality ammo during daylight hours. The FIREBALL that emanated from the cylinder gap, and the front of the barrel was HUGE and quite noticeable! No I wasn't blinded then either, but I have to wonder what it may have been like in a lowlight scenario.


  14. Jr.


    I shot my ruger 2 1/4" .357mag and my 19c, both loaded with federal sd ammo. The .357 looked more like a flame thrower and the 19c looked like a BIC on crack. I feel very confident in using it for HD.

    And as to Larry V, I dont need a 9mm "C" but my wife sure does and thats why the 19C exists because some people do need it.
  15. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    On the internet, compensated models are unsuitable for carry, or on the other end of the spectrum, police duty. In the real world, they are quite suitable for both.

  16. DannyR

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    I would not hesitate to carry a "C" model Glock.
  17. My limited understanding is that firing a ported gun from a "hip - retention" type position might increase a possibility of stuff getting into one's eyes. I am curious if there are any people or departments who regularly fire from that position who do use a ported gun.
  18. if you are confident in your skills and can handle the extra muzzle flash, then I say go for it. carry what you are confident with. ive never shot one before so I can't comment on the muzzle flash, etc. all I say is practice, practice, practice.
  19. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Zero issues from the hip, from CAR, or from retention in general.
  20. Well, good for you.

    I don't even want the CHANCE of that happening, if I have to use the gun in a SD situation.

    As I said, I prefer everything go out the front, away from me and towards the bad guy.

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