I can't find a 617 Smith

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by harleystyles, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. I was doing a little foot work today trying to find a model 617 Smith .22. But it is apparently elusive.

    I have a Colt Diamondback 6" .22 that I love. But, I don't really like taking it out and plinking as I am afraid of scratching it etc. All the research I have done has led me to believe the 617 should be at least comparable.

    Where would I find one???

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  3. sixgun2

    sixgun2 packin heat

    Try this website. Great to deal with, as they also operate in Canada for us Canucks.
    www. IRUNGUNS.ca. Go to that web address an you'll be able to transfer to the US site.
    Good luck

  4. km625


    Gem Sport Supply
    Ask for Dave

    He has a new 4" and a used 6" in his display case.

    Kevin M.

  5. CanMan

    Silver Member

    Just saw a 617 at the LGS on Saturday...lotta good I'm doin' you because we're on opposite sides of the country! I should have bought it when I saw it because I've been wanting one too. Apparently 617s' are in short supply? Hope you find one with your name on it!
  6. I'll give Gem a call and check prices. There are gun shows close to me for the next 2 weekends also. I may take my Hi Power and try to do some trading if I can find one at either of the shows. If not and the price is not too bad I may have to get one from across the country.
  7. I just ordered one tonight from Bud's.
  8. I looked at their site and it says that they are out of stock.
  9. They will get more very soon.
  10. I found one used at LGS a few weeks ago. They never have any. It shoots great. 617-2 with alloy cylinder. Does not seem to matter. Shoots great. Keep looking and one will pop up.
    I dont feel sorry for you since you have the ol Diamondback to fall back on.:supergrin: I love all things Colt.
    The 617 does shoot really good and mine has a great trigger.

    If you want one really bad, we might can work up a trade.
    Ive been looking for a diamondback forever.

    Good luck hunting.
  11. The 617 is hard to find. I have both the 4" and 6" that I use at our .22 club for plate matches. Got the 5-Star speed loaders and great to shoot. From what I understand that Smith & Wesson only makes these a few times a year. That is why they are hard to find, plus that they are in demand.
  12. When I was looking for a double action .22, I saw a used aluminum cylinder 6" 617 in mint condition for a fair price. I thought about it and the gun felt good, but I ultimately went for an all steel 63 j frame 8-shot with a 3" barrel.

    To the OP, as a matter of curiosity, the 63 is extremely accurate. And the single action trigger is awesome in it. But double action with it is a real bear :)
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  13. [​IMG]

    If you can shoot this gun well, your trigger control is amazing. I use it to train for shooting everything else. It's reliable and loud. Love it.
  14. There are always some on Gunbroker.
  15. I found a 6" at a pawn shop way overpriced today. I think I'm going to keep looking. After holding it and checking it out I think I am going to go for the 4". The Colt is a 6" so if I need the longer barrel for anything I will use it.

    As for the Airlight, I want to use the one I get for falling steel and speed steel matches, so I really want the bigger one. I've got 5 .38 snubbies I can shoot any time I get the itch so I will be okay.

    RJHUB, The most I can help you out with the Diamondback are a couple of bad pictures. I will never let go of it.


    Yeah... It's dirty... Don't judge...
  16. Thanks for the thought.
    I tried to touch it.
    You know how much that helped.
    Not only did it get me thinking about one.
    I have an image and something to go back and
    look at any time I need a fix.:wow:

    Good luck with the 617 hunt.
    I paid $400 for mine with alum cylinder.
    What kind of prices you seeing.
    I mainly bought the trigger.

    Man that is a nice Colt.
    Now guess what Im looking for.:supergrin:

    The 4" does balance nice.
  17. Nice colt. I love my smith 22, but if you have the colt why not stick with it?
    May be not OCD like a lot of younger shooters but I don't believe in having guns I don't shoot. Even my engraved colts get carried and shot. The executor of my will can concern himself with the wear I put on it!
  18. Well... this is harder than I thought. Finally made an account on Gunbroker. So far I've been too slow on the buy it now ones and outbid on the others. One day though... I will have one.

    Gungho58, do you like the 4" or 6" better for the matches? I plan on shooting speed steel and falling plate out to ~25 yards, open sights.
  19. I've been looking for one also. I want the 10-shot version, prefer 6" barrel (but would consider 4"). I've followed a couple gunbroker auctions, however the prices quickly went beyond my budget. Sigh.

    Bud's seems to be sold out on just about everything these days.

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