I bought 3 more mags last night

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by James Dean, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I got an E-mail from my local gun shop that they just got in G19 and G22 mags. Both 15 rounds. So I stopped by on my way home. I bought the last two G19 mags and one G22. $39.00 a mag. Thats the most I've ever paid for Glock factory mags. The sad part is I'm thinking about going back for more G22 mags now that I watched the news.

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  2. The last factory new G22 mag's I bought , were 15 bucks , shipped free..Glad I loaded up then...:cool:

  3. You were lucky. I beed buying a few here and there for a a while now too. Yesterday was an impulse buy. NJ is now talking 5 to 7 round mags. Watching the news gets me down.
  4. I don't think Christie is going to sign off on that. He is more focused on what he's calling "violence control" -- not gun control. He's affirmed most of the gun problems here come from out of state straw sales. I can't see it happening, at least under Christie.
  5. John I hope your right. I don't trust Christie.
  6. I paid $70 for a couple g23 mags last week...made me feel ill.

    Heck, today I paid $600 for 2 Glock 17 magazines....but it came with a free G34 :supergrin:
  7. Christie has to be very carful not to upset the Republican base here. He has re-election this year and I'm sure looking into the 2016 Presidental bid.

    It could be worse. We could have a huge anti like Bloomburg or Cuomo as governor.
  8. They have G17 mags as well...ordered 2 g17, and 2 g22's. My wife may divorce me soon...
  9. Glockdude1

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    Just do what we do: "Those mags? No, they are not new, I have had those a long time...." :whistling:
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    I don't dare even shop for a standard G17 mag nowadays. I am glad that I have seven already.

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