I beat Greg....Wh0000T!

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by domzilla9, May 29, 2007.

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  2. And by quite a lot. Greg is in a transitional period while switching between a Glock and a 1911. His brain will be mush for awhile.

    But Dean is another story. I beat Dean as well. Despite the fact that I was hot, exhausted and dehydrated, barely alive.

    The only way I was able to come back to life after the match was with lots of waters and sleep and the thought that I beat him again.

    After comming back to life I noticed that I was had been posting on GT while still dehydrated and kept posting a different version of the same post. My apologies.


    I think everyone shot well. These were some tough matches. I finally shot the prone stuff well after getting coaching from Marvin and Leigh Ann. Leigh Ann is moving on up.

    We did not encounter a single range Nazi... Life is good.

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    Dang John. Congrats on that L10 score! The great thing about Dean is that he never gets upset, even when he forgot to bring enough ammo. [And if it isn't obvious to you, this is is all just friendly smack talk] Shooting minor in L10 sucks don't it?
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    Two :thumbsup: for Dom and 45Gunner

    Don't forget to give Marvin High 5's - Looks like he had 88% Classifier in L-10. :supergrin:
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    tnx. Now we just need to get Marvin a USPSA number. :thumbsup:
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    That is a shame:bunny:
  7. I tried to keep up with Marvin on my first run. 8.3 seconds but was so hyped up I messed up and ended up zeroing the stage.

    Dropped a shot on my second attempt.
  8. Congrats to all my boys! I'm really proud of you all. Thanks for letting me shoot with you even though I've still got a long way to go to get to your levels. I am, however, happy that I was successful and not being last which is always my main goal. Just need to start shooting for middle of the pack as a goal.

    Had tons of fun. Thanks KAPS. Good match and glad we had decent weather, though hot and sunny, there was the occassional cool breeze that blew through.
  9. I shot the whole thing without any mikes, no shoots or procedurals, and very few deltas and still not a great finish. I guess the old saying " You can't miss fast enough" is somewhat true.
  10. Congrats, I've yet to do that. I was so close at the KAPS match, but let a no-shoot/mike get by on the last stage.

  11. domzilla9

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    We'll start calling you Sandy Baggins
  12. I shot the second Relay with Barry West and I was amazed at some of the stratagies that he came up with to shoot some of the stages that I never would have even thought of.

    For instance at one stage we started in a box and had targets to the left, right and middle behind a barrier.

    Some limited 10 shooters would use three mags, one for each target array, but Barry shot a limited number of targets on the right then one target on the left, changed mag, then shot the remaining using all 21 bullets.

    I was quite impressed and I did the same thing on my run.

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