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  1. I don't have a rub. I simply asked if there was something specific you were looking to find out about the prefix and you seemed to think I was being accusatory. Aside from manufacture date, I'm not sure what else anybody here could tell you about the prefix, that's why I asked. I'm not a mod so I have no clue why your previous thread was locked, just suggesting that maybe it would have been a good idea to find out why before starting the same thread again. Good luck with your search :wavey:

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  2. Most likely all of them.

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  3. Thanks for the replies. I will check to see if anyone has added more when I get back to civiliation!
  4. Willfulone

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    What if I said yes, I have one...

    ...What then?

  5. bustedknee

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    Perhaps they are all in Maryland?

    Perhaps they are all owned by doctors?

    Perhaps they are all owned by people named "Max Devlin" or "Mel Duncan" or "Mat Denver"?

    Perhaps they are all owned by doctors in Maryland with the initials, "MD"?

    Well, it is an interesting possibility.
  6. ede

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    GG = Gen 2 G17 1989 Austrian marked
  7. You, sir, have just given me a new project. I shall locate one of these, and then I shall purchase it.

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  8. I would be interested to know it's history, if you'd care to share it. As was mentioned earlier, there's probably a thousand of these still around. I wonder if they're stuffed in safes and cabinets maybe because of age?

    Doctors in Maryland? Geez, anybody can get a gun! :)
  9. JAS104

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    Nope... RX here.
  10. It's a trap :whistling:
  11. 3 letters Glock's started in 1992, MD is 1990.

    Gen3 started between 1997 & 1998.

    MD is is not 2008 or gen3

    2008 would be in the KXX or LXX range
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  12. That's fairly new, mine's STY and that's March 2012
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  13. Hey Will, It's been about a month... do you have some info for me? Do you own an MD prefix Glock- or do you know someone that does?
    These guys are all full of it right? I have faith in humanity... You were'nt just yankin my chain were you?
  14. tacticalG23

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    MC - G-20 - July 1990 - 2nd Gen. - First G-20s
    MD - G-7 - April 1990 - 1st Gen.
    ME - G-19 - March 1990 - 2nd Gen.

  15. Still with this.
  16. While my little quest for information is probably getting boring to most, I am still quite interested.
    After looking at the serial number info for the eleventeenth time, there seems to be a few holes that members have yet to fill. This would seem to indicate that even the lack of information on this series is not uncommon.

    MD series not rare- check
    Lack of info on a series not rare- check

    So where are they?

    Today I know that at least two of these pistols exist, and there are probably a thousand of them. Short of starting a list of the current 1000 owners- that's about all this medium is good for, information wise, I believe. So, with everyones privacy in tact, I withdraw the question.

    Thanks everyone for the positive input!
    Think about where the other 999 of YOURS are...
  17. For medication to be effective, it must be taken every day and in the correct dose... just sayin'.
  18. Well with the collections of Glocks some of the members here have there must be at least two or three members who have every one of a series from 000 to 999! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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