Hypothetically Speaking.

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Fwdftw, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. If i installed my dynacomp in a vice with shop towels holding it in there.. AND JUST SAY i hypotehtically gouged the barrel a little with a scratch.. How would one repair this? :whistling::whistling: The person that did this :whistling: doesnt care as its a shooter and not a wall hanger.. How would he prevent rust etc? High heat paint? The same he put on his gas block when he cut it down to make it Lo Pro? Just looking for advice.. it certainly wasnt me that did this :supergrin:


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  3. Travclem

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    I have never had rust on the bare spots that were under the FSB on any of my ARs. I'd just oil it and leave it alone.

  4. Matthew Courtney

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    Corrosion X works for us when we duck hunt with blued Remington 1100's in the salt marsh where salt spray and water dripping of of pirogue paddles gets salt water on everything.
  5. This. I have scratches on my ARs and my issued M16-A1 was a mess. Just clean and oil.
  6. Obligatory: Dumbass.

    Cold blue, aluminum black pen, high heat engine paint, stove/radiator paint, etc - any one of those should work. My vote would be the high heat engine or stove paint, personally.
  7. Yup just did that plank.. this was a ***** to time with that crush washer.. i went just a hair over but im sure it will work fine? Yes? Order another washer and get it perfect?

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  8. lawman800

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  9. Alumablack should do the trick. Dispite the name it works on steel aswell. I put some on touch up spots that never realy see oil and see moisture at times. Havnt had a problem yet

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