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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ashecht, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Amen buddy - Justin from Hyatt by way of what he's posted is obviously a long way from being the sharpest knife in the drawer. I agree - it makes him and as you said, by extention his store, sound quite second rate and very unprofessional.

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  2. :Replying to keep this forum on top:

  3. Well it seems our newfound buddy Justin representing the voice of Hyatt Guns has gone silent. That's surprising, as he posted, he previously reached the conclusion that this thread was good advertising for Hyatt Guns. Clearly he's a crack expert in the field of marketing. Justin, what happened to you? We're ready for another post!! Please?
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  4. ive been going to hyatts for years, dont judge all the staff badly, there are a few that know thier stuff...mike,brad and of course the king of tactical roger..and i love visiting hyatts to see the thousands of guns they have but sadly the OP is right, thier prices are insanly high..

    if firepower would ever move into the city instead of out in the middle of no where they would lose alot of bussiness
  5. Um no, its not...
  6. Way too many bad reviews on this thread.

    Doesnt look good at all.
  7. I kinda see the Hyatt's guy's point, and I agree to a certain degree that people like to complain a lot more than they like to heap praise.

    But... people have listed multiple local competitors and said that the service is great.

    I only have two local gun retailers near me, and both of them are locally owned. They are both fantastic places to go, with fantastic and helpful people working there.

    I do think it's shifty as heck for ol' dude to say that his CZ price list was out of date. Isn't it kind of your job to check price lists and keep them up to date?
  8. CLoft239

    CLoft239 I Like Turtles

    You could always make a trip to Oklahoma and stop by Gun World. They tried charging me $62.00 for a box of self defense ammo. When I objected, they said since I'm a valued customer, they would waive sales tax and sell it to me for a flat $58.00.

    Seriously? $58.00 for a box of 20? How bout no?

    "We would never learn how to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world" - Hellen Keller
  9. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    Hyatt's sounds like a gun store I went to in Scottsdale, AZ ONCE and only ONCE. They were rude, thought the customer's were idiots and prices were sky high.
    Why not order a set of NS from Midway USA(or other ) and install em' yourself. With both front and rear sights being dovetailed it'd not be hard at all with the proper tools. That way you'll be self sufficient and not have to kiss anyone's butt. Just an idea.:cool:
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  10. I would fire an employee who called a customer a coward. It's not good business practice. I have gave in to customers as a manager plenty of times, just not to cause a scene, which in the long run effects business more.
  11. This place is probably on par with hyatts. My cousin (a dumb---) paid 500 dollars for a maverick twelve gauge! Shoulda seen his face when i showed him what msrp was on the mossberg website.
  12. I agree completely Silver_Bullet - if I ran Hyatt's this clown employee would be gone. Maybe he actually is gone now for all we know...he has yet to come back and post responses to the steaming mess he created, to which he subsequently continued to step in it, and then stepped in it even further. But that's just the way some folks are. If you put a paper bag stuffed full of ____ within a 100 yards of some people, they'll find a way to step in it. But again, based on his comments above he believes this is good press for Hyatt Guns!
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  13. Gregg702

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    My name is Gregg, and I agree with everything you just posted. I hope this thread leads to Hyatt losing market share in their area, and online.
  14. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    Firepower is in Matthews, not exactly the middle of nowhere. Steichers and Lawmen are right downtown on the exit ramps for I77.
  15. Simply because of your attitude here, I will never shop at Hyatts.
    "The customer is always right."
    You may want to go stand in front of a mirror or something and say that a few times.

    Matter of fact, here is the correct way to handle the situation:

    "OP: I'm actually the guy working internet sales and I'm sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience at our store.
    At Hyatts, we value each and every one of our customers and are committed to personalized service that chain stores simply cannot provide.
    Please send an e-mail detailing the issue to and we'll make this right.
    Justin Anderson
    Hyatt Guns "
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  16. I agree, but that's way too complicated for our buddy Justin from Hyatt Guns. His preferred plan of approach is to call folks "cowards" for not posting their names on a public internet forum, probably because it subsequently dawned on him how dumb it was to post his own name and further drag his employer's name through the mud with his childish remarks. I mean this guy is a real genius. I have better things to do so I'm not going to count, but there are quite a few unanswered questions from other posters that he's chosen to ignore. Justin from Hyatt Guns, where are you? We want some more entertainment! Please share more of your brilliant market strategy with us.

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    I have bought many weapons there that "I saw and handled" at the time....spoke with Larry many times and got to know 2 of the sales clerks there well...always was able to work things out and was treated well...I only would buy specialty ammo there and reloading supplies mostly out of "convenience"....regular ammo Walmart ....Online I would use uderwood for very specific hot stuff.
  18. I imagine he's standing in front of a mirror, repeating what I suggested.
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  19. I heard that. Virginia Arms Co. is one of my favorite gun shops next to Sharpshooters (more so cause the range).
  20. I can't believe that Justin, the loud and clear voice representing Hyatt Guns for all to hear on the web, who so profoundly announced who he was, hasn't posted again. He's "gone dark." Justin, you as the voice of Hyatt have a lot of questions from other posters here, one of the largest and most educated gun enthusiast forums on the internet, that you haven't addressed. You were the one calling out the "coward" word, and yet you've now vanished. What happened? Did you get canned by your boss? Justin, where did you go? We want some more psycho posts from you as the voice of Hyatt Guns, please.

    In all seriousness, I was a very happy shopper today at Firepower Inc. off of Monroe Road. I think it's technically Matthews not Charlotte, but as posted previously their prices are very fair (very close to what I would consider fair prices on, and they have some good guys working there that understand guns, different models, features, etc. They have a great selection. I got a great deal on a Walther PPQ in .40 S&W, which has been on my wish list ever since I heard all the hype about the PPQ's trigger. To anyone considering the PPQ, I have two words: Get It!! The trigger is absolutely incredible - resets in 1/10 of an inch. Very cool pistol with perfect ergonomics for my hands. I'll post a full review once I have some more time with it.
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