Hunting with a 10mm and 45acp Glock

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Dogman 10x, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Yeah, you'll always get more velocity out of a longer barrel. More velocity equals more energy, which will almost always be better (as long as you don't grossly over-drive a bullet's design). A 6" .45ACP barrel would probably gain about 100fps (+/- 30fps) over the 4.6" barrel of a stock G21. The longer the barrel, the more time the bullet is in the barrel, and the longer the expanding gasses from the gunpowder have to do work on the bullet. All of that equals more velocity. If you're hunting with a pistol, conceal-ability concerns go out the window, and a 6" barrel is a great idea. The +P loads will be a little bit faster than the standard .45ACP, so that will help some, too.

    I'm sure Bar-Sto or someone COULD make a custom 8" G20 barrel. It would likely be expensive and could cause cycling issues. You would get some SERIOUS velocity from an 8" 10mm barrel, though. Lone Wolf makes a threaded 6.6" barrel for the G20, I think.

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    The placement shot on that deer was rediculous. 100%+ on that video

  3. OK, I couldnt wait, cancelled the order and bought a G20SF. What a great handgun. I am carrying silvertips in it for SD now, but have a mag loaded with Buffalo Bore 180 gr JHC (1350fps). The Buffalo Bores ROCK !
  4. Love that video thanks for the link! I LOVE my G-20 and will never get rid of her!
  5. Why indeed, there are way better Calibers for Hunting.
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    Awesome,........I've never seen a rat that darn big!
  7. Awsome video. Ive been thinking about deer hunting here in Maine with my G21 and this video helped me decide that I dont absolutly need a 10mm conversion.
  8. So, what you are saying is, why would anyone use a .243 for deer, when there is an option of using a .338 Lapua, right?:upeyes: Oh wait, forgot to see who it was that is giving his useless 2 cents worth!:rofl::wavey:
  9. If my opinion is so useless why did you feel the need to respond?
  10. Just didn't want people who matter to have to go through this again,

    Originally Posted by Fedor View Post
    IMHO, the 10mm is Highly Overrated. I have owned a 20SF and a 29SF, both were traded for something better.

    "No lower than someone who calls the 10mm overrated.

    It would actually take a fool to say that.

    Or lets just recant that a little and say a man who is acting be specific.

    Especially since we have discussed your history of your shooting wimpy cartridges through it over on the 10 ring.

    Dude, don't fire store bought .40 level ammo through a 10mm and call it overrated, that is just foolish.

    There really isn't a better compact semi-auto pistol round than the 10mm - at least in terms of versatility."

    Besides, what concern is it of yours the condition of my panties? Just what exactly are you trying to tell us?
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  11. I still stand by that, IMHO the 10mm is Highly Overrated.
    You must value my opinion to bring up my old posts.
  12. It just doesn't get any better. Mine is hip side as I type. I live in the Blue ridge mountains here in Virginia in a private comunity 2 acre+ minimum Black bear are very common here. Should i walk around the corner of the house and be confronted by one that might be having a pissed off day is why I bought my G20 Can't say enough about this awesome pistol.
  13. Why do people bow hunt? Large numbers of people bow hunt and it requires alot of skill and patience. To me handgun hunting is alot like bowhunting, it requires alot more skill and patience. Just my humble opinion. :wavey:
  14. nice vid....cant wait to shoot my 10mm on a deer. or for Fedor maybe the 480...
    or maybe the G20c with 6 inch KKM barrel
  15. While I will admit there are better calibers to hunt with, I have taken many pigs with my Glock 20. I carry it while hunting with catch dogs and it is great. It carries light, holds a good charge of ammo, and is more than powerful enough for what I am doing. I have carried Ruger single actions and S&W double actions, but I always go back to the 20. I would say is worked well for how those boys were hunting as well. Every situation is different and each hunter should use what they see fits best.
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    I have been here, on this forum, for a while, actually I stop at several web forums from time to time. I don't post a whole lot. I have always been of the mind that you shouldn't run your mouth unless you have something worth while to add to a conversation. I feel like I have something worth while to add...

    Fedor, you sir, sound like an idiot. Please, read more, and type less.
  17. :rofl::supergrin::rofl::supergrin:

    You see, I tried to stop you, but this "is", how it usually ends up, doesn't it?
  18. 21Carrier

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    There ARE better calibers for hunting, but there are NOT any better AUTOMATIC calibers for hunting. The 10mm is great for SD/HD/hunting/range fun/whatever. If it involves shooting, the 10mm can almost certainly handle it.

    Some people apparently think that only .500S&W Magnums are worthy of hunting use. Let's just go deer hunting with a Barrett .50BMG, also.
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  19. What are you thinking, 20 deer side by side?:rofl::rofl:

    What people conveniently forget is that Native Americans were hunting with arrows made of flint not to long ago. I am a firm believer in handgun hunting and know that it is effective as long as you practice and are patient. The 10mm with full loads is probably the best auto caliber for the purpose of hunting game. But to each his own I guess.
  20. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    I guess I should have used an emoticon. It was a joke. I was poking fun at another member here that thinks 10mm is not capable of hunting. Every time 10mm is mentioned, he starts talking about his .500S&W.

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