Hundreds of Thousands Flee Democrat-Run California

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by snerd, Sep 29, 2012.


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  3. Cavalry Doc

    Cavalry Doc MAJ (USA Ret.)

    I knew we needed a fence....... [​IMG]

    I've been arguing for Texas to have a fence at Texas' northern border much more than our southern.

    Texas has more than enough liberals and illegals than we need.

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  4. Just don't send 'em to Arizona. We carry guns. It's hot in Arizona. We have poisonous critters in Arizona. Did I mention we carry guns here?

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  5. They will have some major adjustments, unless they move to the east coast.
  6. Cry me a river.

    I live in Oregon, They've been undermining this State for decades and no it's a flood. We tried offering amnesty to conservative refugees and even helped some of them escape. We had reorientation classes available for those having a hard time adusting to the American way of life after escaping California, but the flood of people going over the walls of Mordor as overwhelmed our capabilities.

    We can no longer seperate those escaping to seel freedom and those "sleepers" spreading the liberal plague. We need reenforcements from other free States on our border.
  7. aircarver

    aircarver Ride Continues
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    They flee the disease, and don't understand that they bring it with them ... :shocked:


  8. What he said!
  9. Heard a lot of them were going to Texas and South Carolina.

  10. I hear that NY, NJ and CT are looking for like minded families to join them in their little slice of paradise.

    Please don't come to Florida, it's way too hot and bad surfing. Besides we have criters that grow to about 6 feet long and jump out of the water and will eat your kids. It's far safer in NYC.
  11. South Georgia has critters that grow to 12 feet long and jump out of the water and eat you, your kid and your dog.

  12. Won't work. We've tried warning them, but, they've seen all the Disney movies and they know that animals are friendly little forest creatures and are their friends.

    They get positively hysterical when a coyote or cougar runs off with their dear poodle "mopsie" in it's jaws. But the skunks give us the best laughs with them,

    "Aw look, it's Pepe' le Pew how cute, come her litl..........OH MY GAWD HEEEEELLLLLP, BARF,GAG, HURL"
  13. We gotz 12' long snakes :tongueout:

    Maybe they should consider Michigan, I hear they are giving away GMC trucks. And they don't have any critters.
  14. And we can use deadly force too:

  15. samurairabbi

    samurairabbi Dungeon Schmuck

    Indiana has creatures 17 feet long that will reduce your car to saleable parts in under seven minutes.
  16. Thi has been going on for 20+ years. I think the recession of the early 90s was the start. CA lagged the nation in getting jobs back. Before that it was the other way around. Essentially immigrants come into the state and middle class people leave. Of course 20+ years later the immigrants have reached middle class status and are leaving. And I am not just talking about Mexico; China, India, and other places are sending immigrants.

    I forsee a day when the state consists of poor and rich people separated by a middle class mostly consisting of government workers whose jobs are to keep the poor from killing the rich.
  17. 427


    Where ever they go, these people recreate the same conditions they are fleeing from. They are doing that here in NM. I don't hate these people, but I dislike them intensely.
  18. Yea they've infected my state as well. Though I think alot of them have left cause they couldn't get there way and elect Dumocrats to office here, tried to unionize things and that didn't work either! And they sure a hell didn't like the fact we open carry here!:rofl:
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  19. Oklahoma is full. No kalifornicators are welcome. They infect and contaminate everything they breathe on. Kalifornia. Oregone. Washington State. Colorado. Austin. Tulsa.

    Somebody tell them they're not welcome in civilization anymore.
  20. They come here into Nevada and try to implement the very things that ruined their state. "I don't care how you did it in California" is a common bumper sticker here.

    Between the Californians and Mexicans, we've lost South Nevada. Northern is nearly ruined and we keep getting the wack job bible thumpers pushing asshats like Dean Heller as our Senate choice to make sure that anyone in between is stuck playing the lesser evil game or standing their ground. We got Reid again because of people pushing Angle last time.

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