HSGI/RD Triangle Stock Pouch

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  1. Haven't really seen anything on this so figured I'd give a little feedback on it.
    Basically, it's awesome.

    It's made by HSGI and right now it's only being sold by Rifle Dynamics(they designed it).
    As typical of HSGI gear, the stitching and material quality is top notch.

    As you can see by the pictures it has a flap with velcro on it that wraps over the top of the stock and attaches to the rear of the pouch.
    Not so easy to tell in the pictures is that it fills up the inner tube part of the stock, giving it a little more capacity.
    Right now I have 2 CR2032 batteries, 2 SF123 batteries, and a cleaning kit in there and there is plenty of room left. I plan to put in some cleaning patches and small thing of lube, this would give me full cleaning capability in the field should the need arise.
    This may also be handy for those who run a front end that cannot mount a cleaning rod because I am pretty sure one of those Rapid Rod things would fit in it.

    It also has the added benefit of keeping your cheek off the metal, handy for those really hot and sunny days or, for people that live in crappy places, to keep your cheek from freezing. [​IMG]

    Here's some pics:


    Excuse the quality, I only have a cell phone camera.
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  2. Hamrhed

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    very nice, H... doubt it would work on my ACE but looks great on yours!

  3. It would likely fit on an Ace without much issue. The problem would be that the bottom wouldn't be secured so it might flop around.
    On the triangle stock is sits inside of the bottom portion of the stock, so it won't move unless you purposefully move it.

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