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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Randy from Kansas, May 5, 2011.

  1. I am working in Detroit and stopped by Michi-gun after work and picked up a used upper a Colt A3 Hbar Elite 5.56 NATO stainless for $200.00. Its going on a lower I got earlier this year.

    Is their any other barrel offered other then 24 I do not have a tape measure but it looks shorter then a 24 inch model

    hope you get this web site working:crying: I have been missing it

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  2. Great price. I think those were offered in 20".

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    Good find
  4. when I get back home will post a picture, but right now I need a tape measure back at the room.

  5. I do not remember Colt ever offering a stainless barrel or a 24". I do not think what you got was a Colt. The receiver may be a Colt (depending on the markings), but the barrel sounds aftermarket.
  6. I got home yesterday and got the pictures taken. Its a 24 inch does not look like it was fired much and looks to be a colt upper with a Hbar barrel by the markings and someone has added a muzzle device to control muzzle jump? It looks very well done see picture. My question is who is doing this in the Detroit area. I have seen custom brakes added to bench rest barrel but never to a factory Colt.

    After I put it on my lower had to take another picture
  7. Man that is nice looking! I'll bet it will be a tack driver. Barrel looks like a custom job. I'd take that for $200 all day long!
  8. YES after I got home and looking it over I am amazed that I the upper for $212 with tax.

    The barrel is a Colt so someone had the brake added to the colt barrel?

    I have a Leupold fine cross hair dot 36D benchrest scope that will go on it as soon as i get a set of High rings. I have the dies and several different custom bullets and will find time to work up a load for accuracy. That will take some time but I have a private 100 yd range with a solid bench to work out the load. Now if I could get two weeks off work to do this I would be a happy shooter.
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    Awesome name for a gun store!
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    It's really a great store too. It's not fancy, and the gun side is kind of small, but they are friendly and their prices are great. I think my last 6 handguns were bought there.

  11. I spent 3 weeks in Detroit for work, and in the evening and on weekends I spend my time going to gun stores. Went to 5 or 6 in the Detroit area most prices were higher on guns and gear. I did find some rim fire 22lr Federal match ammo that I have wanted to try at Brown Bear picked up 900 rounds. But Michi-Gun has a nice selection but most of the neat stuff is in back and you have to ask about. I spent $80 on books and some cleaning jags and patches and the owner and I got to talking about different wildcats and he showed me some rifles I had never even seen before. **** brought out this ar upper and as I was leaving it was after 7 and they had closed at 7 he shot a price for $200.00 plus tax I thought about it for 5 seconds and could not get the money out of my wallet fast enough. It also came with a green gun sock. I would like to know who's was it and why they traded it in?

    DreamWeaver88 I will be back in the Detroit area next month what should I see their any more gun stores??? Have you been to the Ford Plant tour? I looked into Red Wing tickets and they were going for $135.00 each so I passed.
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    Haven't been to the Ford plant. I haven't been to any of the newer gun stores.....I've been out of the gun buying loop for a little over a year. Last gun I bought was a S&W M&P R8 revolver at Michi-Gun.

    The only other gun store I liked around here (that i've been to) was Firearm Exchange, but last I'd heard, he got into some trouble and can't sell guns now. The Firing Line in Westland is supposed to be pretty nice.


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