How wide is the Glock factory front sight?

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  1. Hi,
    I just ordered an Ameriglo ProGlo (.140 wide) and Ameriglo Pro Series black serrated (.180 wide).

    For my frame of reference, how wide is the Glock factory front sight (currently installed on my Glock 19)? Is it .140 in width?

    I know the rear notch is significantly narrower than the pro series, but I'm curious about the front sight only because I want to figure what kind of target coverage I can expect on an 8" steel plate at 25 yards.

    I almost went with the .125 white outline tritium, but them I read a review from someone who raved about the ProGlo, and it looked like viable setup with pro series rear, so I went with it.

    However, now I'm not so sure which set up would be a good all-round fast set up for near and far at speed (on both larger and smaller targets).

    My defensive/carry guns are my competition guns, FYI.

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  3. Well Phoenix I'm in the same boat as you, I'm trying to
    decide which Ameriglo sights to go with. I really like the new
    I-Dot's, but am also looking at the Pro Operators.
    I want the .125 front and the .180 rear sights, whichever
    I choose.

    I just went and measured the sights on my G26 and G17.
    The G26 has the standard Glock sights, meaning the plastic
    rear with the white outline and the white dot front.
    My G17 has Glock night sights installed at the factory.
    I just went and measured them with my Mitutoyo dial caliper,
    and the G26 showed a .152 front sight and .140 opening
    on the rear.
    The G17 showed a .151 front sight and a .135 opening on
    the rear.
    I hope this helps.

  4. This does help, very much. thanks.


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