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  1. nikerret

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    Have to get there somehow.

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    Have to drag the game back somehow too.

  3. Oh no you just walk right on out there several miles in that terrain, shoot a deer and carry it back, go on, I want to watch. Let's see how calorie efficient that is.

    Oh yah I can just see that depleting the deer herds around here, sure I can
  4. When the SHTF what is your hunting plan? What do you plan on hunting and how? I don't really expect you to give a good answer. You strike me as one of those city boys who moves to the country and never stops talking about who they know, what they own, what they did and all they know. Try to pin them down about anything and they squirm away. Folks raised in the country don't talk that way. We just roll our eyes listen to your stories and take your money. Do you know what a honey wagon is? I'm guessing you own a few.
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  5. If you paid any attention (but then you lack that skill) you would know I grew up in the country, went to college and ran a business in the city, and returned to the same country where 4 generations of my family have lived. I know what a "honey wagon" is and I know that you re full of its contents.

    I have a bear roast in the oven for the Superbowl, how about you?

    If you think that folks are going to swarm out in the country I showed you a picture of, you either

    a) don't know where I am (which, come to think of it, you don't, so it pretty much leaves you ignorant on the subject of my environment)

    b) are indulging in some post SHTF fantasy of your own.

    No I am not the one trying to "squirm away" I am telling you like it is in this country how it was during the depression and why the conditions haven't changed. YOU are the one popping of with the "But what if, but what if, but what if" like a kid on a playground "But what if a monster comes over the hill?" Crap.

    You don't know a thing about our location, our community, not one thing. All you can do is stand outside and throw rocks.
  6. nikerret

    nikerret Mr. Awesome

    I was referring to the way those coming from other areas would get to that type of location. If you live in that, I doubt you have to go far to get game.
  7. Haven't answered my question and wrote a lot of words because a lie needs a lot of words, the truth doesn't. See, I know people like you, you think you are the smartest guy around and everyone is just a country bumpkin you can talk into believing anything you say.

    Tell us some more stories. I don't think anyone here believes them but they pass the time and put a smile on my face.
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  8. Indeed. There are only two roads that can get you the 15 miles from town to where I was standing. One is a country road that leads to a logging road and another is partially paved and runs through town. those 15 miles are logging road. in essence, it is our communities huge back yard with a major mountain range and rive as the back fence, with only two gates on the front side.

    Game is abundant in those conditions and habitat population forces the game out of this inaccessible area into more accessible areas.

    Now let's hear the armchair experts and there "What if, what if?" snivels. It is the same conditions as the 1930's with no noticeable increase in the human predator capable population. It didn't destroy the deer population then, and won't now. This is not your Daddy's neighborhood, nor is it where the "studies" were done. I have no doubt that there are places that will suffer devastating loses that is fact, it is also a fact that my area wasn't then and wouldn't be one of them now. What is so hard to grasp about a different location having different conditions?
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  9. OK, how about this. You aren't here, you don't know this area, and you don't know what you are talking about. I don't know your area so if you say post SHTF hunting will damage your deer population, I believe you. Believe me, our conditions are different and it won't damage our deer population.

    Was that too many words for your simple mind?
  10. First you post a photo asking about roads and then saying there are two roads that you didn't include in the picture! Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.
  11. Why don't you tell everyone what you now about my area and the country around here? Show off your great expertise.
    Tell everyone how you know more about the region than I do.

    If you could use logic you would have been able to figure out that I took that picture from the end of the logging road. Did you see any roads in that picture?

    You are nothing more than an armchair quarterback shooting your mouth off about a place you've never been and don't really know squat about.
  12. Still haven't answered my question. See you are squirming away, or at least trying. How does it make you feel to have a country bumkin who knows what you are and isn't buying what you are selling.
  13. Are you referring to your stupid question about a "hunting plan?" in all your garbage it's hard to sort it out. There is no such thing as "hunting plan" when you live in the game region. Yu hunt when you have to or can. You keep a capable firearm on you and take game by opportunity. Being a horseman helps getting where I want but all in all there isn't, and never has been much of a reason to go into the deep woods. The more easily accessed edges of the forest, where I reside, has never been emptied of game.

    You like numbers and studies?
    let's take a look at something.
    you are from Georgia, correct?
    Georgia has the has the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. combined the total 866,468 Sq acres.
    You have 128,000 acres of State Parks and Forest
    total 994,468 acres
    Georgia has a population of 9,600,000

    That is less the one million acres of National and State forest for over nine-and-a-half-million people.

    In my County and the four other Counties in the geographically isolated region we have a National Forest that comprises

    1,094,726 sq acres (that does not include State parks)

    The total population of the four Counties?

    That is more than one-million acres for one-hundred-ninety-five-thousand people.

    It's no wonder you can't grasp it.
  14. You're a dog that don't hunt. Squirm away.

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  15. Come on say something useful. Show where I am wrong and show that you know something about the subject.

    You are just a little twit playing playground games.

    Dry up and blow away like the cow patty you are.
  16. Bravo 1

    Bravo 1 Serious Infidel



    Because where I'm from it is very telling that THAT is an issue for you.
  17. Bravo 1

    Bravo 1 Serious Infidel


    If I may,

    Most of the retards, liberals, weak and stupid will die off in the first 3 to 6 months due to weakness, sickness, stupidity, being a victim and just bad luck.

    After that, the strong will keep on keeping on.

    All the numbers mean nothing.

    Okay, back to your,

  18. Donn57

    Donn57 Just me

    You appear to live in the Siskiyou area of the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest located between Oregon and California. The total population of the counties that make up the entire national forest is about 700,000.

    The total estimated population of deer in the two states combined is no more than 1,000,000.

    The total population of California and Oregon is approximately 42,000,000. Even if only 10% (4.2M) people survive, and every deer in the two states can be found and killed, that's 1 deer for every 4.2 people. Then all the deer will be dead.
  19. kirgi08

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    They'll bounce back.'08.
  20. At least you are somewhat brighter that ""Dexters" I'll give you credit for that.

    The Siskiyou National Forest is at its closest about 300 miles from Portland which is the closest large city. The native populations of the Counties surrounding it total 195,600. Now given that there is all of the rest of the States of California and Oregon, it is doubtful that the entire populations of those States are going to head to this corner of the world. Or would you be that stupid? We are but one corner of a lot of territory, we happen to be pretty remote with one laughable two-lane road called a highway on one side and 1-5 on the other and a mountain range in between.

    I doubt we would become the feeding table for two States. There just isn't anything else to draw people here in a crisis. We could probably sustain most of our population based on agriculture but not enough to draw folks in who aren't already here. We are not the best location in the region, which is to the benefit of the residents.

    "Estimated populations" mean squat. I have personally seen wildlife surveys become "adjusted" to meet desired out comes.

    Sorry but I am actually HERE not reading about it and hanging my hat on geusstimations.

    Like I said, you are a little brighter than Dexters, a little at least. Now sit there in your overpopulated States and worry about the problems you will have.

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