How to tell a Good Prepper From a Bad Prepper & Fantasy Preppers

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by PaulMason, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Yep,we'll be laughing all the way ta our tastee food,while you'll be eating bland and tasteless.'08.

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    Is there a 13-hour echo in here...?

    Still waiting for useful info.

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    If any part of this is true, your mother would probably whup your ass for posting such sensless statements as you have been posting here. Please call up to the basement stairs to her and have her come read them!:dunno:
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    It is amazing that our good friend Kozel doesn't seem to recognize that most if not all primitive cultures use spices and seasonings in their cooking daily.

    I would expect such a worldly and knowledgeable person to know that it is simply having the knowledge to grab and use the correct items and use them.

    But what do I know?:yawn:
  5. I would classify most of Haiti, Iraq, and Africa as dirt poor.

    Yet every meal I had in any of those nations had spices/seasoning?

    Perhaps they knew something the Russkis didn't.
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    I don't agree with this, for everyone. If you live in the middle of LA, yes, that's probably a stupid fantasy. If you live far from even a small town, you may not even know the ShasHTF.

    There are a lot of people who are already self-sustaining, or close enough to it, they wouldn't be too out of place truly living off the land.

    Even where I live, in the middle of the US, many people know how to truly live off the land. Some of us go hunting when it's raining, can skin and eat about anything, and many have gardens with enough seeds to do very well for a long time. Yes, no sunlight or water can kill the planting plans and force wildlife to move on.

    For the guy who lives in the middle of nowhere urban, a group of traveling marauders is their biggest threat. However, this doesn't apply to the majority of US citizens.

    It doesn't apply to people who take an RV or a tent to an established campground and call it "camping". It doesn't apply to those who are physically unfit to the point they can't stay active 12, or more, hours a day (doing physical work). It doesn't apply to those who live in the country to avoid the city, but don't live off the land, in any way (or they paid someone to take them out and pretend to hunt).

    I am in no way saying I would flourish if I had to live off the land, but there are some who would.
  7. It is impossible to state cover everyone, unless a poster wants to write a book.

    The point you are missing is the fantasy prepper isn't living the life you describe. "They will take their gun go into the woods to hunt, trap, and fish for food." etc.

    You sound as if you know the real story - that people will go into the woods and hunt/kill all the animals/fish to extintion.
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    That's not the worst plan. At least they have a plan. There's also some merit to it if they know someone close who has great preps, but may be lacking in security.

    Obviously, the good preppers, who have the propper preps and location, are going to be prepared for the marauders.
    This goes with a good prepper not telling people. It also supports having a group of like-minded, trustworthy people so things can be watched after around the clock.

    I don't think the individual prepper will make it long. I think the small, self-sustaining groups of people will make it, if things are out of hand for more than a month.
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    Sensing some sarcasm, there. As long as the ecosystem isn't adversely effected (such as a disease that kills a large percentage of humans and wildlife, seasons stay somewhat normal), I don't think aimals will be hunted to extinction.

    Hunting will become harder when animals are continuosly pushed by hunters of an area, but hunting isn't easy. Yes, shooting a rabbit is easy. Knowing how to prepare it efficiently, isn't. I am confident that most people, including preppers, don't have the skills necessary to hunt game when game is on alert. Animals in nature evolve faster than humans.

    It doens't make sense to kill a few rabbits each day, versus taking one deer to eat for a week. Especially, if you have to use your ammo for each kill.

    Shots are loud and loud noises scare away game.

    I could see the squirrel and rabbit populations getting decimated, but there are a lot of larger game that are much smarter than them.
  10. No sarcasm. Anyone who is living a self sustaining life knows why we have hunting and fishing seasons and bag limits. And those who know the history of animal husbantry know what happened during the Great Depression.
  11. Yes I am living just mile from the ranch my Dad grew up on with an extended family. They survived on "poached" deer to a great extent, as did their neighbors. There never was a shortage although they would go a little farther into the woods and off the ranch to hunt for a while to let the "on ranch" population closer to home build up. At no time did they go more than a few miles. There was never a shortage and today they are positively a nuisance.

    As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago I filled my tag in my own front yard taking a cull buck who was apparently sterile and had a deformed rack. The very first sunny day the following spring one of the does showed up and here she is standing in the same spot where I shot him. The picture is taken right out the front door just like I popped him.


    So, yes, I do know about the effects of poaching during the depression....M'neh
  12. Seriously, you're going with because it is sunny where you are, it must be sunny all around the world?

    Research the net for what happened during the Great Depression. You might learn something about the world outside your small community.

    And you seem to forget we are talking about today -more people, more, guns, more mobile then 1930s and a SHTF situation.

    You sound like one of those fantasy preppers, but your fantasy is set years ago 1930/40s? - you better change your calander. There will be no difference from today to the SHTF. No one will think about going to into the woods to hunt, everyone will only hunt in season, only take the bag limit, get a license. Oh! and I'm sure they all will wear blaze orange. Right!
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  13. You sound like someone talking from inside a fishbowl and thinking the whole world is just like his bowl.

    The population, due to the economy, of our area is not that much different than during the depression. Back then the area was in a boom when the depression hit, it has been slipping because of the economy now. I grant that if everyone goes hunting in Central Park NY it might be a bit rough, but there are areas in this Country that that are much different than your fishbowl.

    I won't tell you that you and your neighbors CAN get by hunting because I am smart enough to realize that I don't know your area, but don't tell me that in my area we CAN'T, because you don't know squat about my area, you just have delusions of omniscience.
  14. Hey, try to think up something for yourself - your fishbowl saying is just my sunshine saying.

    Where I live we have a saying for people like you - 'All hat, no cattle.' That means you act country, but don't know what it all about.

    It isn't all about your little world any more, my friend. The world has changed a lot since the 1940s. Your prepper fantasy is that your part of the world will be unaffected by a SHTF situation that happens around you. Good luck with that.
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  15. You are the one living the fantasy life friend. I know what I am talking bot because I am in the middle of it. I have several acres about a third of it cleared for farming,. I can much of my own food. I dehydrated and vacuum pack some as well. I make sausage and hams. I have my own well and running water year round. Due to our weird game laws I only get 1 deer tag a year but get 2 and sometimes 3 bear tags a year plus t least one elk tag.

    Now if you would like to put up or shut up, come down here and see actually, not from your books, what it's like. I will introduce you to some people, who if they decided you aren't a cop, will tell you they live off venison year round.

    I am living where I am talking about and you aren't, I don't know how else to tell you this, but you don't know what you are talking about. It is already happening all around me as it has in this region off and on since people paid attention.

    I know exactly what the conditions are here and you don't. It is just that simple again, you don't know anything about the reality here and now. Get over yourself.

    There is no doubt we would be affected by SHTF but considering we have the lowest per capita income in the State I doubt most in this County would notice. The County seat only has 4 gas stations and two traffic lights. besides3 of the gas stations the only "national "chains" that are represented are Dairy Queen, Subway, and Ace Hardware. Again that is the County seat. There is only one "highway" in and out of the County and it slides out in one direction or both at least twice a winter. It is not going to be a choice of many fleeing folks.

    We would be affected, but feeding families on venison won't be a problem for those who are capable. It never has been here. You just refuse to believe it because it doesn't fit with your pontification.
  16. Did you ever stop and ask yourself "What would happen to the animal population if there were no tags and anyone could bag as many as they wanted whenever they wanted?"


    But, you got me. I made the mistake of caring that you might not be seeing what could happen and trying to talk about it. And, in the process I allowed you to sidetrack the thread.

    My mistake. I won't make it again.

    Have a nice day.
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  17. The same thing that happened during the Depression here. Yet, today, they're still coming out our ears. Like I said, this corner of the world hasn't changed much.

    I don't expect you to grasp that. It doesn't fit in with your theories. Fine by me, the fewer people that get it, the fewer will head this way. Works for me.
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    Three away from 10,000!
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    9957 + 3 = 9960 :whistling:
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    I've been watchin and waitin!

    A smudge on my glasses.
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