How To Take Apart The Model 27 Magazine

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by diamondmike, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Sure thing, glad to help.

    This thread has been a sticky since 11/2004. :supergrin:


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  2. Randy, thanks for the video, it worked great on my G19 mags and the info about the floorplate was great. I tried the same thing on my 36 mags and because the baseplate is taller you can't squeeze the mag as close to the nubs and even with the floorplate flipped i had to resort to C-clamp visegrips to get it apart:crying:Any tips?

  3. Thanks got it.
  4. GKC1

    I have a different problem...I had absolutely no problem taking the floor plates off my G26 10 round magazines...but I cannot get them back on! I have launched springs all over the room, cursed frequently and loudly, and tried all sorts of positions, matter what I try, I can't seem to keep the spring and the little internal plate together and compressed long enough to slide the floor plate back on. I am just about ready to throw these in the trash and buy some new mags!

    The videos on dis-assembly are great...I've watched them...but it sure would be helpful to show the re-assembly too. I don't know why I can't do this...I've done any number of magazines for 1911s and other polymer pistols...but I simply can't seem to manage to get these Glock mags back together!

  5. Here it is, albeit a bit dated. The new followers snap straight on top of the magazine springs. No need for the 1/4 twist.

    Magazine Assembly

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  6. GKC1

    I couldn't get the movie to play. I'm sure it's my computer/settings...I'll ask my wife to help when she can (she's knowledgeable about technology and I am a dunce.) In the meantime, thanks for the response.

    Edited to add: I'm not sure what you mean by "the new followers snap on the spring." Are you talking about the follower at the top of the magazine spring, that pushes the round upward? That does indeed snap on my's the little plate that goes on the bottom of the spring, and has the little post on it that in turn locks into the hole in the floor doesn't seem to attach in any way, and I just can't seem to keep it on top of the spring, and both depressed into the magazine long enough to slide the floor plate on...I've come so close, and then the spring flys out across the room...sigh.
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  7. I changed the video format to mpg, see if that works for you.

    Yes, the follower is the piece of plastic at the top of the magazine spring. The "magazine insert" is the section of plastic that goes between the magazine spring and the floor plate.

    Watch the video and let me know if you have any more questions. I think once you see that it will be clear.

  8. GKC1

    Yes, it played now...thank you. And that is exactly what I have been trying to do...but my mag spring is SO stout that I have a great deal of difficulty compressing it (maybe I am just a wimp, or these are brand new mags that have never been loaded...or both) and keeping the magazine insert balanced on it while trying to compress the spring, etc.

    After I watched this video, I tried again...and came very close...but just when I had the floor plate sliding onto the magazine, the spring shot out of the magazine, and curse words shot out of my mouth. :steamed:

    I am sure it is just me...:embarassed:

    But thanks so much for the video. That makes it look easy, and at least I can take some comfort in knowing that I am trying to do it the right way...and also some embarrassment that I can't do it the right way. :crying:
  9. Hello Bill,

    I just noticed your question.

    Even though it is said to "squeeze the sides", you really don't need to. It's all in the technique with the armorer's tool. Pull harder, it will come off.

  10. That's what got me at first. With most magazines, the insert doesn't have to be flipped. You push the nub in a bit and out it goes. Eventually I understood that the insert prevented the magazine sidewalls from squeezing and the that is why the insert has to be flipped out of the way.
    Even after I figured it out, there was one mag that gave me a hard time. A G27 I think.
  11. Not so easy with all Glock mags.

    Just finished servicing G30 factory mags. Tried squeezing and even with channel locks, and floor plate flipped, I was unable to pass the notch. Using a dime and a small screwdriver blade as wedge spacers, worked consistently.
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  12. I'm glad you got them apart but really, you don't need all those extra tools. It's all in the technique. Here's a video with a G30 magazine.

  13. jw38

    So I've looked everywhere I can think of for a Magazine Question????? This Forum looks like a good place.
    Can a 10rd Mag be modifyed to be double stack 15 rd.? (G-3 19 of course). jw38
  14. RimShot

    RimShot Meat Puppet

    The Post-Ban 10rd mags couldn't be modified to my knowledge. Even the +2 extender / replacement floorplates wouldn't work.

    I'd imagine Glock's just blown-off the dust from the molds used back in '94 and started stamping-out the old 10-rounders again....
  15. DJ Niner


    They've been making 10-round mags ever since the '94 AWB, as some states kept a version of the ban in-force at the state level, even after the federal ban sunsetted.

    I have a handful of 10s for various size Glocks; I use them in competitions, or outside in muddy conditions when I don't want to mess-up my good full-capacity mags during a speedy slide-lock reload.
  16. jw38

    Thanks Guys. Always the best Glock information around. jw38
  17. I also had the learning curve of not pushing the floorplate in far enough. I put oem +2s on mine but as noted download any way from 9/11 to a 8 or 10 round.
  18. No. There is a large metal kink running the length of the magazine body. That is why they are so hard (for me) to disassemble. Difficult to push the insert up far enough.
  19. or you can buy one of these. :supergrin:[ame][/ame]
  20. For what it's worth, and I'm new to Glocks, a cop with 30+ years took my new g27, stuck the armorers tool in the bottom, pressed the corner of the floor plate against a hard surface and the plate slid forward immediately and then came off with no issues. Didn't need a clamp, pliers or have to wedge the tool against the inside of the mag. Got home did the same thing to 3 more mags - all the plates came off without any issues. The new Pearce plates slipped right on and clicked into place. I suppose YMMV but it worked fine.

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