How To Take Apart The Model 27 Magazine

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by diamondmike, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. I can physically see the spring through the hole, I'm really worried I screwed something up.

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  2. No - you are fine.

    Use the armorer's tool to pull the floorplate off.

    Have you watched the video?


  3. Ok, after some fiddling, I got the mag apart. I haven't had any trouble doing this before, maybe I just did something goofy. Somehow, the insert was dislodged from it's position, and was sitting at an ange to the floorplate, dragging on one side of the mag body. I was able to use some uneven pressure on the mag tube and finally pop it off. I'd never seen that before. Thanks for your help!

  4. I take it you didn't watch any of the videos.

    The insert is SUPPOSED to become dislodged from its normal position.

    Glad you got it.

  5. ShootNMove

    ShootNMove concealed

    I don't have the Glock tool, just a Craftsman 3/32 punch and I guess it's not long enough to perfom your procedure on my mags. No problem, I stick a straight pick (that I bought at WalMart in a set of 4 for like $3) through the back between the baseplate and mag tube and it slides right off!

    I found that trying to pry it off through the access hole was actually bending the base plate more than my other method.
  6. I ***gently*** pre-squeeze the bottom of the mag slightly with a 4" pair of Vise Grips with the swivel pads (The smallest they make). I dipped the pads in Plasti-Dip to keep them from damaging or sliding off the mags. Then use the Glock Meister method. Works every time with no issues.

  7. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    ^2 The medhod taught by Glock and illustrated here by Randy is so simple that most of you cannot comprehend it. Vise grips are the best way I know to bend and damage magazine tubes.
  8. I respectfully disagree. Some BRAND NEW sub compact magazines won't cooperate. Using very slight pressure with very small Vise Grips does NOT damage the magazines.
  9. As do I - with your assessment.
    It is all in the technique. Brute force is not required.

    Do you even realize what part(s) you are compressing (and mashing/damaging) when you tighten up the vise grips? This tool is totally unnecessary.

    Send me one of these brand new G27 mags that you cannot get apart without vise-grips and I will videotape the disassembly for you. If I can do it in under 5 seconds, I keep the mag - if not, I'll send yours back along with a brand new one.

  10. Step 1. Grasp magazine firmly, insert punch into hole in bottom of mag
    Step 2. Push corner of baseplate against hard surface.
    Step 3. Throw everything violently away, jump around screaming like a 10 year old girl.
    Step 4. Remove punch from right hand with pliers.
    Step 5. After returning from emergency room, decide mag didn’t need to be cleaned after all.
  11. Found myself pretty frustrated yesterday about this exact subject. Then I did a search on GlockTalk. Bingo -- end of frustration. Thanks for the sticky, guys!
  12. I have one myself and with many many hours and much bleeding involved they do come apart. But be prepared to bleed and cuss a lot during the procedure. Basically they say.... (Glock) Press on the mag sidewalls were the two tabs are and place a small screwdriver or metal pry bar and slide the but plate off. It's that simple.... Wish you luck!
  13. Pistol

    Pistol Patriot Member

    Some of the comments above sound like the video is not being followed fully. (Excellent Randy - I have done technical training too in another field)

    It really is that simple, but I can see some folks are not using a tool that has the dimensions of the Glock tool. I made one from a good quality T6 screwdriver tool by just nipping the torx head off the end with a Dremel. Shaft is about 35-40mm long.Easier to find and cheaper than the tool, try Sears for ex.

    The Glock tool dimensions are ideal for them and I have seen many posts where a pin puch of 3/32 is used. These do not have a long enough shaft in the straight area. Others try awls or what ever too, a taper is not going to work on some tasks on the Glock.

    Thanks to the armorer where I bought mine, I got the guided tour upon purchase for disassembly.
  14. Excellent point Pistol, spot on!

    'The right tool for the job' has a lot of merit.

    What is the shape of the handle on the torx screwdriver? The rounded corners of the armorer's tool are used to center the pins in the frame. ;)


  15. Ahhh now I find out. I've been pushing them back and forth about 10 times to get them centered:)
  16. Just got my Glock 26 today...and after a few hours of pain, frustration, and cussing with trying to get the Mags disassembled -- I finally figured out the solution. sells mags with grip extensions already installed. I should have them by Friday. :)
  17. I was referred to your video from my "help" post for the exact same reason. Thanks for helping us all out! Paul D.
  18. ... or this won't work. When I just depressing the inner base slightly, which would "seem" to work, apparently the inner base was still preventing the outer base from sliding off. I watched the video again, saw Randy push the tool in at least an inch, heard the "click". When I did that, mine came right off. When the base was off, I could see that the 1" thrust had completely flipped the inner base to the side.

    Thanks again Randy and everyone else. I can't imagine accomplishing much in the gun hobby without everyone's great assistance.

    Paul D.
  19. ...push the tool in at least an inch, heard the "click". When I did that, mine came right off...

    ...I could see that the 1" thrust had completely flipped the inner base to the side.

    Glad you got it.

    Flipping the insert aside is the key to disassembling a magazine.

  20. HuntingGuy

    HuntingGuy Show me 10-8.


    Finally broke down and bought a GAT at Lone Wolf, sure is better than a sanded down screwdriver LOL..

    Thanks for the fine video, my friend. Ok folks, send me your mags, I'll take off the plates for 3.00 per :supergrin:

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