How To Take Apart The Model 27 Magazine

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by diamondmike, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. I picked up a Glock model 27 and I have never seen anything like this!.

    On the bottom of the magazine it has the button to take off the floor plate BUT! it has two little tabs that stop the floor plate from sliding off, one little tab on each side of the magazine.

    Anyone know how to take these magazines apart??

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  3. kage

    kage proveyourealive

  4. Kage

    Thanks for the information but the magazine in the model 27 just does not slide off like that after pushing in the button!.

    I am starting to wonder if the magazine was made so that you can not take it apart!.
  5. kage

    kage proveyourealive

    I've got a G27 have to squeeze the sides of the magazine a little, but they do disassemble.

    It gets easier once you've done it a few times. I frequently change between the standard baseplate and the Pearce +1 extensions on each of my magazines, so I've gotten better at it - but the first time took a while.
  6. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Those tabs are on all mags, that I know at least, and the floorplate will pop around them. Don't be afraid to put some force on it, it'll go.
  7. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Firmly insert a Glock tool all the way through the hole, flipping the plastic insert out of the way.

    Using the inserted tool as leverage, pull forward about 1/2 inch while squeexing the base with your other hand.

    Remove the tool and carefull slide the base off, being ready to catch the spring.

    You don't just push the button as must folks seem to think. You have to insert the tool or punch far enough, firmly enough, to flip the plastic insert over on it's side.

    Total operation should take less than 3 seconds.
  8. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member


    Thanks for making the video that I've been trying to make. I have requested it be made into a sticky.
  9. DWavs

    DWavs Moderator

    Stickied per your request.

  10. Thanks for all the advice men!

    But I took it to a gun shop and the guy put a towel around it and took a pair of channel locks and pressed in the bottom of the magazine and pushed in the button at the same time and off it came!, I had him put on a finger extension and it feels great!!.

    That model 27 is the same size as my Kel-Tec P-11 but weighs more but is a very very accurate gun for being such a large caliber in such a small gun.

    It says it holds 9 rounds but I had to really fight the 9th one in.

    When I do Diamond deals out of state I have been carrying a Colt Officers model 45acp, I think those days of packing the Colt are over with I am going to carry my model 27 I just can not believe how accurate it is.

    I used the CorBon 135gr. and think that it will/would make a great man stopper!

    But thanks again for all the advice!!
  11. I hope he didn't ruin it.

  12. NO! it did not ruin it, theres not even as much as a scratch or dent on it.

    Every where I read it said to press in the bottom sides of the magazine to get the floor plate off, I work out every day and use hand grips when I am not busy doing anything else and I tried to press the sides in with my bare hands and it would not budge, it took all he had using the channel locks these little magazines are built like a tank!.

    The gun came with two magazines so I am just going to keep the finger extension on one magazine and keep one magazine without it.
  13. It doesn't take much strength at all - just proper technique.

  14. I watched the video and it made the job look simple, do you need that special tool?

    I could see where the guy pressed in the sides of the magazine but mine sure does not bend in that easy, or is it the trick of that special tool that makes it come apart easier?
  15. You can accomplish the same thing with a pin punch from your local hardware store. It's a 3/32" if I remember correctly. You don't really have to squeeze hard on the sides, the technique is what does it.

    Nice video!
  16. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    If macho gun shop man dented you mag, the dent will be on the metal inside and not on the polymer outside. It takes very little strength to squeeze the tube. I'm 60, just getting over a heart attack, and can still do it behind my back in 3 seconds.;)

    The hands in the video are the hands of Randy's wife.
  17. Oh my goodness no! She was on the other end of the camera. ;)

  18. RandySmith

    Where do you get these tools from that was used in the video?

    I have called three gun shops and none of them have ever heard of this tool.

    Yesterday I took that magazine to a total of 4 different gun shops and none of them knew how to get it apart!.

    They all said just push in the button and slide it right off, after I showed them the tabs on the sides they was really puzzled, one guy called over another guy and that guy said that the magazines was made like that so that they can not be taken apart.

    Thanks for posting the video I now atleast know not to take channel locks to get it apart!.
  19. The tool I used in the video is the standard glock armorer's tool. I got it when I attended the course. They are also available from all the on-line glock supply places - Lone Wolf, Top Glock, etc...

    I am glad you found the video to be of use.

  20. Well I took one apart!

    I used a long thin ice pick and did it just like you showed in the video and it came right apart and only slightly pressed in on the sides.

    It is unreal how many gun shops out there sell the Glocks and do not know the first thing about how to do such a simple job as this.

    I am glad that they stuck your video up to stay!, I am sure alot of people will benifit from it.


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