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How to remove the mag tube on an 870P?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Vigilant, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. I'm not talking about the extension tube. That's not an issue. I'm talking about the main magazine tube, the one affixed to the receiver, which the forend travels back and forth on to work the action. Can this be swapped out, or is it permanently attached?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. aippi


    Jun 12, 2009
    Changing the mag tube is a factory repair. If you find someone who says they can do it do not let them. Here is why. That tube is braised on at the factory with a special process on a jig made for that procedure. If it is the slightest bit off it affects the action of the weapon and the action bars will not be in line with the channels in the receiver. You will have a pump shotgun that does not operate smoothly and using it will cause damge to your forend tube assembly and receiver.

    If you have a damaged tube and it has to be replaced call Remington at 1-800-243-9700 and send it to them. They will remove the damaged tube and install a new one. If you look at my signature line you will know I am giving you the right answer.

  3. Hey thanks, man. I may just have to change my sig line to "aippi was right". :thumbsup:

    I have a few nice used 870Ps, and was just thinking about swapping out a mag tube with some blems on a really mint gun for a mint tube on a half-decent gun. Now I know.
  4. aippi


    Jun 12, 2009
    I have to build a few and put them up so they can stay perfect. This way when I am out of the business I will have some that are new to hand down to grand kids. No way to keep a mag tube pristine as there are four detents on the forend tube assembly that ride on the mag tube and remove the finish. Plus, we all tend to torque the forend and wear one side of the tube more then the other.