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How to build a computer?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by SavannahGL, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Could you suggest a few how to sites? I am ready to replace my Dell, and would like to try to build one so I can get better componants and less BS software.

  2. renman


    Feb 29, 2004
    ne Ohio
    Maybe try Google "how to build computer"

  3. unixglocker


    Jan 7, 2003
    If you start with a good barebone system, your pretty much done and are still more aware of what's in there and why.

    You are on the right track that the pile of junk installed by default on your system is something you want to avoid. Maybe just getting a clean XP and installing on your Dell accomplishes most or all of what you want.
  4. Glock Bob

    Glock Bob Snack Attack!!!

    Aug 5, 2004
    What are the specs on your Dell?
  5. Operating System System Model
    Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (build 2600) Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 2300 A02
    System Service Tag: xxxxxxx (support for this PC)
    Chassis Serial Number: xxxxxxx
    Processor a Main Circuit Board b
    1.80 gigahertz Intel Celeron
    8 kilobyte primary memory cache
    128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: MiTAC International Corp. Dimension 2300
    Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
    BIOS: Mitac Corp A02 08/26/2002
    Drives Memory Modules c,d
    19.98 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    5.58 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

    LITEON DVD-ROM LTD163 [CD-ROM drive]
    PCRW404 [CD-ROM drive]
    3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

    WDC WD200EB-75CPF0 [Hard drive] (20.02 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WMAAU3246775, rev 06.04G06, SMART Status: Healthy 256 Megabytes Installed Memory

    Slot 'A0' has 256 MB
    Slot 'A1' is Empty
    Local Drive Volumes

    c: (on drive 0) 19.98 GB 5.58 GB free
    Network Drives

    HP DeskJet 660C on LPT1:
    Lexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter on LPT1:
    Controllers Display
    Standard floppy disk controller
    Freecom Cable II USB [Controller]
    Intel(R) 82801DB Ultra ATA Storage Controller - 24CB
    Primary IDE Channel [Controller]
    Secondary IDE Channel [Controller] Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller [Display adapter]
    Default Monitor
    Bus Adapters Multimedia
    Intel PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller
    Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2
    Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C4
    Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C7 Soun
  6. ;Q Thanks, but a lot of what is on the internet is BS, and even more is prople trying to make a buck at someone else's expense. I'd rather have advice on sorting the wheat from the chaff from some folks that have been there done that, than from a search based on a calculation that profiteers know and can rig resuts for.
  7. renman


    Feb 29, 2004
    ne Ohio
    If you don't know the difference, then you're doing the right thing by asking for help. When I built one a few years ago, I found a lot of useful information on the 'net.
  8. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    There is a great forum full of helpful people at Guru 3D...over 50,000 folks helping each other out on PC matters, and very few of them will go out of their way to 'flame' a noobie!

    You also might try googling "PC Forums" or "Tech Forums" for more refined search criteria, since that will get you links to people rather than businesses.

    BTW, most of those forums have Sticky threads full of info at the top of each category, so you could learn a lot without even registering and asking questions of your own.

    You can even learn how to troubleshoot and repair PC's just by reading the answers others have gotten to their questions.

    And don't forget to use the SEARCH function on those sites.

    Good luck,

  9. Cinic

    Cinic Spongy Member

    Nov 17, 2001
    Tempe, AZ
    This free website takes it from start to finish. I remember reading it when I build my first one about a year ago.

    There are plenty of websites out there that are only helpful without trying to sell you something. If they ask for money, pay them no attention.
  10. I had considered upgrading my RAM, but had decided against it. I had not considered wiping the drive clean and then reinstalling XP anda few needed programs.
  11. If I go that route (whipe clean and reinstall), any suggestons for upgrades based on the above posted specs? Looks like I have an empty memory slot. Just stick a 512 in it and be done?
  12. Rich22


    Dec 10, 2001
    Orlando, Fl
    Check out
  13. paulk003


    Feb 3, 2001
    durham, nc
    I built my first system back in january, it is not nearly as hard as you would think. I recommend that you go to barnes and nobles and get building computers for dummies. I read it cover to cover a couple of times before I tried to build my system. Make sure you get your parts from a good vendor(I like And finally just take your time!!!!!!
  14. peter3334


    May 5, 2004
    Just install Fedora on your Dell.

  15. weiser09

    weiser09 Millennium Member

    Jan 29, 1999
    San Diego, CA
    If you know someone who builds computers, watch them put together 3 or 4. I watched one of my Dad's friends build 3, and then I build my latest computer. Reading about it is good, but nothing beats watching it done a few times. Then when your done you'll think to yourself, "damn, that was easy!"
  16. 10 Ring Tao

    10 Ring Tao Red White Blue

    Sep 18, 2003
    Southeast Michigan

    Check out the listings for barebones systems. All you need is a few small components and an OS in most cases. Its the most newbie friendly way to go IMHO. You're still building a comp from scratch, without all the preinstalled proprietary cra-puter issues, but someone else has done the legwork and some of the assembly for you.