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  1. Since this is a local sale type thing and none of you are local I feel ok asking this here as a question not a for sale ad(as I wont sell if i have to ship and only face to face).

    I got 3 or so years ago now one of those centerfire systems AK74's the ones they had for $369 that was the Rifle and 3 mags...I now have the rifle and 3 circle 21 or 10 mags and 3 tapco mags and around 2000 rounds ammo..A guy at work was inquiring about it and asking if I would consider selling it..I said I didnt really have any intentions to BUT...I figured id shoot him a price for the Gun and ammo and mags as a all for one price type sale..what should I ask? I have abolsutely no idea what these are going for now. the ammo is the surplus in the tins.

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  3. You can go to Gunbroker and look at completed items to see what they have been going for. Don't forget to look at the date and consider if the sale was before or after Dec. 14th 2012.

    I bought my AMD-65 ak47 from Centerfire just days before Dec 14th for ~$521 shipped. Now they are going for around a grand on gunbroker if all stock.

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    Dang, you wouldn't even ship for a fellow BOPer? :tongueout:
  5. You could sell the 74 + 3 circle 10 mags for $800-900 and the ammo for another $300-400. I don't think you would have any issues selling it at those prices. Guess it just depends how much you like the guy.
  6. He is ok not great friends or anything just work aquaintences. A guy at work heard another guy (who also has a AK74)ask me if id gotten any ammo lately..I said as a matter of fact I just picked up a new tin of surplus a week ago..from overhearing that it started into you ever think of selling..and id really not but you know how that goes..

    Oh and yes i almost to a point prefer face to face sales/dealings then there are never any hurt feelings or misunderstandings, and the guy in person looking at something cant blame bad pictures or any kind of junk like that. I think the only thing I sold not face to face was a couple holsters.
  7. Screw it, tell him $1600
  8. I told him $1000 for the who shooting match the gun,6 mags,2000+ rds ammo, a sling, and I put a new grip on it last spring which is a ton nicer than the stock grip. He is thinking on it :)
  9. That was nice of you and a nice price for the current time
  10. Hamrhed

    Hamrhed AKs & Glocks

    See, I get that supply & demand are to the sellers advantage, but if you sell this particular rifle w/ 3 mags for more than, $500-600 bucks then its a screw job, IMHO...

    I had that same rifle, and sold it to help fund my SGL purchase; even with minor upgrades I still only asked for $400 w/ two Bulgarian mags included. And, this hasn't been that long ago.

    When these rifles came out, most folks ripped them for the non-chromed barrel and crap furniture- but it is still an AK. I think one should take advantage of the current shortage: it is a capitalist society. However, the rifle simply isn't worth $800-1000 bucks, even in these times. Just my $.02
  11. Hamrhed

    Hamrhed AKs & Glocks

    I think with the mags and ammo the price sounds good, C: I was speaking about the rifle sans ammo in my previous post :)
  12. "then its a screw job" - I don't see it that way - no one is holding a gun to the buyer's head to buy the gun, right? It's supply and demand in a relatively free-market economy, just like anything else.

    Just like I have a hard time seeing the wisdom in going to a LGS and paying more for something than I'd pay online for the same thing, I'd have a hard time selling something for less than current market value, unless there were some compelling reasons that could benefit me at some point.

    I have some ammo I bought a while back - current prices on Gunbroker have the ammo going for about 3X => 4X what I paid for it - I have extra - so, how should I price it if I wanted unload some of my extra?
  13. then he can make me a offer, decline or laugh at me if he wants lol no one(just like ANY price you see now days for ANY multi round capable weapon) is making him buy or holding the proverbial gun to his head to make him do anything...I didnt even REALLY WANT to sell it...So I will call it a make me a deal I cant refuse price..If he takes it of only comes in slightly under its a win/win for me and he obviously gets something he likes.
  14. Only thing id like any "more" is a decent 1911,HKP7 or some such maybe even a decent bolt action(or ruger #1) varmint rifle..and that would fund it..I dont really "need" a AK74 for anything I just like having it for fun. if I sold it the only semi auto rifle id own is a M1 garand...but do I really NEED more than that?
  15. Hamrhed

    Hamrhed AKs & Glocks

    Forgive my casual use of the term screw job- it wasn't meant to imply intent or maliciousness :) However, we are big boys here: let's read the whole post(s), digest the words, and try to understand without focusing on two words and blowing up in full keyboard-commando mode ;)

    Nah guys- I realize its a slippery slope, which is why I usually avoid these 'conversations': if you overcharge your greedy and if you undercharge you stand the chance that the buyer will turn around and profit by flipping the gun- which is a big reason we are in the current situation we are currently in... Umm- besides the whole liberal gun grab thing :upeyes:

    I believe this: the rifle in question is what I would say is the bottom end of the AK world- without question. If you folks that justify getting three times what it cost (before people lost their minds) on the premise that 'you can't rape the willing' are cool with doing that- have at it. I wouldn't do that, I'm not necessarily any better a person for it, and the world still turns.

    Guess I could be happy to help someone out getting an AK even if I don't make three times what the thing cost me- or more. But again, I know that is subjective and there are others that would take advantage of that... and my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it- same as yours :tongueout:

    Again- my take is not aimed at anyone in particular: I think CBennett made a good deal- and even if I had thought it was not, it is his deal to make regardless...
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  16. Hamrhed, I completely agree but if I bought gold for $300 an ounce and can sell it now for $1700 where is the issue. The price is dictated by the market and by the price a buyer will pay for it. It is very easy to make an argument that you are purchasing something (like our $1700 an ounce gold) at the top of the market, but if you need it then it is what it is. Buy low and sell high - now is the time to sell high.

    I just picked up a 5.45 AR upper and I paid about $200 more than what he paid, could he have gotten more - absolutely, but he didn't want to rape me, but I also would not have purchased it if I didn't think it was a fair price. The market is dictated by the motivating amount to get a seller to sell and how much a buyer will pay - if those two amounts add up we have a deal.
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  17. Hamrhed

    Hamrhed AKs & Glocks

    No argument, Monk: I realize that this is a capitalist society after all... I am all for profiting- I guess there really is nowhere to draw a line :dunno:
  18. Damn, I wish I had the grand or I'd buy it in a heartbeat! I have an AK47 and have always wanted a 74 to go along with it. I'm also a fellow PA BOP'er. I'm at LB, where you at? There's a bunch here in PA.

    Oh yeah, I also have an M1. A nice 1954 H&R I got through the CMP about 4 years ago. Drove to th Anniston, AL south store and picked it myself. I lived in FL then though. Been wanting to make a trip to camp perry to get another one and to say that I've seen both stores. LOL
  19. Just above Lewisburg :) and I was stationed at Ft Mcclellan Al which is basically where Anniston is lol(closest town of any size)
  20. Ahh, yes we've recently gotten a few of your guys, some as LT's and some hacks. We also just had a few of ours not too long ago go up your way as DTS's. Yeah I was told that anniston actually used to be an army base at one time. I actualy really liked the area when I was up because it was so small and quiet.

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