How much Ammo is enough?

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    On an average and typical trip to the range (Indoor range, max dist. 50ft), I usually shoot anywhere between 100 and 300 rounds. As of now, I only have a Glock 23 Gen4 so it is the only gun I shoot at the range. I'm not at the range long either, I can go through 100 rounds in less than 10 minutes.

    Just recently, I went to the range and fired 220 rounds and if you don't include the time it took me to prepare and police my brass, it took me roughly 35 minutes to go through that much ammo.

    The longest I have been at the range for is roughly 75 minutes (not including range time in the police academy, 12 hours, 4 days, 48+ hours) because me and a buddy went together and we shot a variety of handguns and .22 rifles.

    Before some of you go off and say my accuracy is probably crap, here is a target I shot last week. 20 rounds at distances varying from 14-50 feet.

    How much ammo do you go through when you are at the range and how long are you usually there for? How many guns do you bring with you? Etc.

    (Please, no negative comments, we're all adults here)

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  3. I usually go through 75-100 rounds on my handguns..
    I usually am in and out within 1-1/2 hours.
    I usually do....
    1 box accuracy. 5-25 meters
    1 box with magazine changes( usually 1-4 in the mag, reload with 1-3 shots) with emergency procedures etc.

    1 box from my holsters

    Then the remaining is whatever I feel like at the moment.

    Ammo costs money and time is money so I try to make the most of my time at the range and don't bull**** too much.

  4. I shoot 200 rounds a week.It usually takes about 40-60 minutes.If I get a rainy day off work it doubles.
  5. 100-150 rounds per gun is typical, 3-5 guns per visit. I would do less with revolvers. Anywhere from 1-2 hours. If I go with friends we have been there for over 3 hours :)
  6. When I go to my target range, I usually bring 100-150 rounds for pistol and usually 50-100 rounds for the rifle. I usually go through that in about 2-3 hours. I bring about double that amount when I travel to Mississippi to train with my instructor. However, my instructor has us load only 5 five rounds per magazine and I usually come home with unused rounds.
  7. I tend to look at going to the range as a social occasion as much as a training opportunity. I shoot at an outdoor range, always the same safeties, I like catching up with them.
    I'll take at least 500 rnds of .22 and maybe 50-100 of .45. I always end up shooting steel spinners or prairie dogs at 50 & 100 yards with my .22's. Lots of fun and a cool community of shooters.
  8. how ever much you can shove under your bed .....

    to me there's never enough ..

    cant go wrong with to much ammo
  9. Typical trip...50-100 per handgun (9mm, .40 and .45) just got my first rifle so 60-100 rounds of rifle ammo (.223 or 5.56). The a bulk pack (525) of .22 for my 15-22...

    Range time is anywhere from 1-2 hours alone...time goes way up with friends.

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  10. a more true statement has never been made! (especially when educating friends)
  11. larry_minn

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    I am all over the place. Sometimes its lots of .22lr with maybe 20 9mm. Other times I bring a selection and fire a couple mags of each...

    If I outside with truck/long arms and have time. It could be hundreds.
  12. Usually 200-300 rounds of centerfire, and another 250-300 22lr. If I bring out the rifles which is rare, another 100 centerfire rounds.
    When shotgun day usually 75 150 depending on how nice the day is and how my first few rounds go.
  13. I take my time when I shoot it about 2 hours at tghe range
  14. Time at my range is limited to 1 hr per session. I usually shoot 100-150 rounds of .40 through my G22 and up to another 150 of .22 through my conversion kit. I go once per week.
  15. this is almost enough...

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  16. Ytown,

    It depends on your tolerance and pocket book.

    After about 100 to 150 rounds I get tired and well, I start wasting ammo.

    It all depends on what I am practicing. If all my shooting is from a concealed holster I'll get tired quicker. Or if I bring swingers/poppers/movers or such to practice on.

    Find your limit where when you start getting tired then pack it up. Safe the ammo for the next practice session.


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