How many generations of glock 27 are there?

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  1. I'm a nooby and. How can you tell what generation of Glock Do I have? I have just made my first purchase from a policeman. And he has had it for 12 years. I looked at his brand new Gen 4 and I couldn't tell much difference. I know that the grip is interchangeable on the four and I like a place to put my pinky on the mag but I couldn't tell any else that was different.

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  2. DJ Niner


    Welcome to Glock Talk!

    The G27 has had three different frame types, usually designated as Gen2.5, Gen3, and Gen4. Here is a photo showing the different frames, with the generations labeled; this should enable you to figure out which one you have:


    The only noticeable difference between Gen2.5 and Gen3 is the fingergrooves on the frame. In the Gen2.5, the front of the fingergrooves are smooth (no checkering); in the Gen3, Glock added several rows of checkering in each fingergroove.

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  3. Thanks man for the quick reply. You are a prince. It looks like I got a 2.5. Well I hope the accessories for a 3 work for a 2.5. I'm looking to put a laser on this because I'm at the age where I can't see up closer any more. The grip stile seems to be the cheapest so far. Do you have any recommendations. Thanks again
  4. DJ Niner


    I've never tried the grip-type lasers; I don't want anything between me and the already-very-chunky Glock grip.

    Another option is the rear-sight laser from LaserLyte. I have one of those on a G26; it works as advertised, but I don't like it all that much. It makes the gun look like it has Mickey Mouse ears, it's not very quick/easy to turn on and off, and it prevents me from installing night sights, which I generally prefer.
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  6. I have another question for you Mr. Niner, or any one else who would know. I have just purchased my first ever glock. I have never had this much power in such a little gun. I ahve been shooting to the left and cant seem to figure out what i have been doing wrong.I was dry fire practicing today and noticed as I was squeezing the trigger, waiting......and waiting for the gun to fire, I noticed the gun moving to the left as I pulled the trigger. I was wondering if there is a way to lessen the trigger force so it wouldn't take so much squeeze to make it go off.? And thanks so much for your quick replys.
  7. I hope this ( is helpful.

    Also, as with DJ Niner, I have the LaserLyte Glock RSL rear sights, but I'm happy with mine. As he said, it's not real quick to turn on, but with practice, I find it acceptable. I paid less than $80.

  8. Thank you so much for the info. I'll put it to good use. This sight has been so helpful for me so far...
  9. You said you bought this from a policeman. It is possible this has a New York trigger in it which makes for a heavier trigger pull.There are a lot of options to lighten the trigger.
  10. DJ Niner


    Good call, fxstdavew; I hadn't thought of this, but it is quite possible.

    Did you get the Glock case with the pistol? If so, is the sticker on the handle still in place and readable? If you can read it, it should say something like "5.5 lb" which is the trigger spring that is installed. If it has a larger number, then it may have had a heavier trigger spring installed at the factory. Even if the case says 5.5 lb, the previous owner may have had a heavier spring installed at a later date.

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