How many g19's ?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by aboyle55, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I bought one this winter and was thinking about buying another one. My question is how many duplicates do some people have? I really like that gun.

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  3. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Why buy a duplicate? Do you already have a 26, 17 or 34? Do you already have other (better) calibers?

  4. I own 4 G 19's....not saying that it is necessary for me to have any more than one though.

    Just like to keep my favorite gun in a few different locations at all times. Never know where you are gonna be if the SHTF, more than likely won't be at home by my gun safe.
  5. Get a G23, THEN you'll be complete!
  6. I've got two G4 19s. It's my main carry gun and I wanted to have a spare.

    I also have a 34,17,& 26.
  7. I have six (19C, FDE, G4, 3xRTF2's). Two are exactly the same, and those are the Gilled RTF2's. They will be passed onto my kids when they come of age.
  8. I want to stay with 9mm and I have a 26 too.
  9. If you can find one at a good price, especially if you find a really good price, and its in your budget, its a good option to have a spare.
  10. I have 2 gen3's and 2 gen 4 USA models plus 2 gen 3 34's and I am after a G26 next
  11. I have a set of Twin G-19's Gen 3. One has a Red Dot sight on it the other Night Sights. Love both. Take both to Gun Fighting Classes.
  12. Patchman

    Patchman Florist

    What's the purpose of the G19 you have now? Safe queen, competition gun or everyday CCW/HD gun?

    My G19 is for CCW, so I have two.
  13. As much as I try to buy USA, the only Glock I'll ever purchase is one that has Austria stamped on the slide.
  14. My 19 is for range use, home defense and winter ccw. I thought that I could use one for the range and the other for home defense.
  15. I have one. Not a big 9mm fan, but I have a G22, a G23 and a G27 (all Gen3 .40S&Ws). I would consider what Bren said. No need for the exact same gun. Get the others in the same caliber. Also have a G21SF and a G30 (both Gen3 .45s).
  16. Beat me to it. That's how I did it. Sooner or later one will show up and scream buy me. I'm a streal.
  17. Let me expand on my answer to clarify why I own two G19s. I don't collect guns; I own guns that are useful. If a gun is really useful, I have more than one of them if I can afford it.

    For example, I have two similar 5.56 SBRs and two G19s so I have a spare that's clean and ready to go when the other one isn't.

    It's more likely that guns with high round-counts will have a problem. My carry G19 gets enough use to verify function, but I put most of my practice rounds through the spare.

    I can't afford a spare of some of my other guns, and some don't need a backup (e.g. only one AIAE).
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  18. jokon

    jokon Cold Infidel

    I have a G22 that I converted into a long slide G19 or if you like, a short grip G17. I like the 9mm over the .40.
  19. I got two, only need one OD
  20. I have an Austrian G4 19, now I want a USA made one.
    And a NiBX, and an RTF2, and an Gen 2, and...

    Yeah, more than one is understandable.
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  21. D1N0

    I can see having 3-4 of the same model Glock as long as they're not all the same as in color/Gen/RTF2.

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