How many carry sig sauer?

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by Madmax1010, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. ozy


    Depends on attire and destination , either the newly acquired Sig p938, the glock 26, and lately my newest acqusiton the p229 D/E in a high -noon iwb holster.

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  2. Carry p229 and p232 as duty weapons. Great weapons, but I personally prefer the glocks. The sig slide tends to ride high on my hand unlike the glock which seems to sit lower. Reliability is unquestioned for both pistols. On duty it's a sig, off duty it's the g19.

  3. On duty and sometimes off duty, Sig P229R. Other times is my Les Baer Custom Carry.
  4. I have one (Sig Sp2022 9mm) and I love it- one of the best triggers I have shot "out-of-the-box." It is a little big for concealed carry, but I am thinking about a glock 26 or a sigp238 or a sigp290 for my carry weapon as all my handguns are of the larger frame.

    I bought mine for $466 at a local gunshow - not to shabby. ($ included tax/backroundcheck-everything)

    as far as holsters go- any Springfield XD holsters will fit perfectly (exept the XDS) - I got a Galco Kingtuk IWB for an XD - fits perfect. also I have a Versacarry which will fit any 9mm - so it works well in that too. - a springfield paddle holster will fit too. you can also buy a sig holster to fit the actual weapon ~if you want one, I know they do make them.

    **also - you can easily modify a Beretta M9/92 magazine for this by filing the mag catch hole on the magazine down a little bit - a very cheap alternative for the expensive Sig mags- the downside to this is a little bit of the mag sticks out of the bottom of the handle - but, if using for the range or a "survival" situation, I can deal with it. always nice to have a spare mag or (2) of 15 rounds/each - plus you can pick up a Berretta mag for a 3rd or Quarter of the price as the Sig mags- like $10-$15 instead of $40-$50 for the Sig Mag.
  5. wayno

    Soon as my P938 proves itself my G26 and SW442 will very seldom get carried but don't tell em:whistling:
  6. P245 or P229/40, one or the other is always on me.
  7. Just picked up a P938 Nightmare. Carried it all week in the pocket at work. This morning I pulled my trusty G26 out of the safe, broke it down, reassembled and put it back in the safe. Kinda sad but the P938 just about melts away in my pocket.
  8. Got a Sig Tac-ops on right now. Grabbed it walking out the door.
  9. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    I carry a P220.
  10. P250C/.45 IWB or P226/.40 OWB, when clothing allows.

    P250C 9+1 rds of .45+P Ranger-Ts

    P226 13+1 rds of HST 165gr
  11. +1 For this
  12. br9


    I carry a p938 wife carries a p238. Very happy with both.
  13. wayno

    Soon as p938 proves itself
  14. P238 in my pocket or on my ankle every day, GSR 1911 Revolution compact in the belt when dress permits. P229 on the nightstand...
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  15. In the winter time I carry my Sig 1911 TacOps

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  16. SIG P229 Scorpion in .40 is my go-to car gun. Love that thing. Puts lead exactly where I want it, every time.

    I almost never carry it though, too heavy and clunky. I feel that way about all my SIGs. Great house, range and open carry on the farm guns, but not great concealed pieces.
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  17. SIG 290rs when I want to carry something a little smaller than my Glock 27. Took awhile to get used to the DAO. I now feel confidant with it.
  18. md1911

    P220 here.
  19. druryj

    I'm not sure but I bet it's a good percentage.
  20. Kichigai

    Kichigai 気違い Was Mr30s

    i used to a p220 carry but then someone passed me the kool aid


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