How many carry sig sauer?

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by Madmax1010, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Rally Vincent

    Rally Vincent Bipolar

    Been carrying a W.German P220 .45acp for sometime now in place of my 1911.
    Disappears on me with a VM2.

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  2. Late 1980's, I carried a P225

    2005, carried a p239 (40 cal)

    waiting on delivery for my P220 Compact SAS , and will be carrying in a TT Gunleather IWB.

    Have carried Glock/Beretta/S&W/Colt/Ruger, between the Sigs, but am glad to be getting back to Sig.

    Sigs are heavier, DA/SA trigger is not the best choice, need to be run "wet", and cost too much....
    BUT...I love them!

  3. ...the P228 IS very nice...


  4. 1911 Carry Scorpion on my hip right now, 238 BUG.

    Please don't make fun of my fits my hand like an extension of my fingers, shot to my point of aim out of the box, and is dead-nuts reliable. Even if it isn't a "real gun" color as my wife says.
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  5. The wife decided to get her CCW and confiscated my P239. It's been replaced with a P938 so still in the Sig family. Bonus side effect is that it's small enough to carry as a BUG at work. Qualified with it tonight but still need to get some HP's for it.
  6. For full sized carry, I'm a Colt 1911 guy. For hideout I really think the Sig P938 I bought is where it's at. Sig makes a great little gun. :wavey:
  7. The last two years my SIG 220 Classic, sometimes my 226 or 220 carry.
  8. P239 is still a pretty good weapon even when it's out of bullets!
  9. Not regularly but in the rainy winter months when I usually wear a coat I carry my Sig P220 Carry in a shoulder rig...
  10. Today I'm going to carry my old Sig 228 in my Lou Alessi Bodyguard with thumb break strap as it's getting just cool enough I can wear a jacket.
  11. ozy


    +1!! i really like this new p938- very comfortable to carry and comforting to have.
  12. I carry a Sig 229 .40 most of the time.
  13. Sometimes,

    But mostley a Glock 4th gen 26
  14. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    Magazine changes are a wonderful practice drill.:whistling:
  15. 239 9mm in a Comp tac Infidel IWB.
  16. flhr95

    P239 9mm

    The 45 most of the time but the 9mm for store runs.
  17. Now I have about 800 rds through my P238. Not one malfunction since the first range day. I attribute those to break in. This is definately my pocket gun! (Side note: So far in my life, Glocks have been the only guns I have owned that did not need to be broken in)
  18. barth

    barth six barrels

    I used to carry a Sig Sauer P239 357 Sig DA/SA SRT.

    But I recently acquired a HK P2K 357 Sig LEM.
    Sig is 7+1 and the HK is 12+1 in about the same size/weight package.

    So for now I'm converting to Heckler and Koch.

    If Sig made the all stainless Elite 229 guns in 357 Sig
    this story might have ended differently.

    I could always get the 229 Elite in 40 and buy a 357 barrel...
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  19. Barth- That's what I did a few years ago. That damn gun is so pretty/beautiful/sexy, that I'm afraid to take her out. It is built like a tank. I would have to say, it is the softest shooting 357sig that I've ever shot. Its on the heavy side being all stainless. But that's the one ill never get rid of.


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