How many carry sig sauer?

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by Madmax1010, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Might make the P224 a regular carry when it comes out.

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  2. Sammael

    Sammael Ich tu dir Weh.

    Stainless all the way.

  3. I carry a P226R SCT for duty and a P229R two tone as my EDC weapon.
  4. Sig P220 Carry - I still carry it on occasion in a shoulder rig. Living in rainy Seattle this comes in handy.
  5. Carried a SIG for 15 years, on & off duty, numerous training courses, and different competitions. Love the SIG P220 .45 and the SIG P239 9mm.

    In 2005 I switched over to the Glock 19.

    Last month I visited my dad in WA state, got a chance to shoot his SIG P239 9mm - still really like that gun :cool:
  6. Sig p229 in .357 or 40. No rail. LOVE it. Carried glocks, XDM compacts, etc. just something about the p229 that feels right to me. I do want a p239 in 9mm just for fun though
  7. 229 SAS (Gen 1) in 357SIG is my new EDC. Replaced the wood grips with Hogue rubber (until funds allow for G10 DAK grips), and kissed my Glock 32 goodbye.
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  8. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    Glad to hear it. Many of the folks here would collapse from exhaustion if they carried a 1911 across the room.

    As for the 226 decision, I'd go with the stainless. It weighs about the same as your 1911.

    This 6 year old has over 20k rounds through it, much from 2 and 3 day training classes.


    Keep the rails greased and it will outlast your ammo budget. :supergrin:


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  9. looks nice Cobra...what do you use to clean it...thanks for sharing those wonderful pics...

  10. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    It's hard to beat the 229! :cool:
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  11. Carried a 228 during the cooler months... just traded it for a 239 9mm, now looking to pick up a 238 until the 938 comes out this summer
  12. 2340 (.40) and 2022 (9mm) regularly.
  13. i carry a .40 cal sig p229 for my main and a kahr pm9 for backup.
  14. Sorry for a duplicate post.
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  15. Micro


    Me, too. My favorite...

  16. What recoil rod and spring is that?
  17. 2-8 Marine

    2-8 Marine Limp Member

    I picked up a new Sig p238, copperhead several weeks ago and have been carrying it daily. Nice and small, relatively light, easy to conceal and powerful enough to suit me.
    I'm sure occasionally I'll again carry my PF9 or my G26 or G27 depending upon my mood at the time.
  18. bought a new p238 SAS for times when i needed something small. Won't carry it until I break it in, but can't wait.
  19. Sig p220 and once in awhile a 1911 used to be 1911 all the time but the sig has taken over for the most part.
    Great trigger and I think the DA/SA system is superb.

    And I kinda like being able to draw and shoot without any safeties or anything to mess with.:wavey:
  20. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    The recoil rod is from Bedair Machine Works which is where I get all my Sig guide rods.





    Recoil springs are always stock Sig Sauer springs.


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