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How long will a .22 last?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by ditto1958, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. How long (as in how many rounds) does a .22 rifle really last? Many of us either have ourselves, or have father's or uncles, or grandpas, who have really old .22's that work just as well today as they did 50, 60, 80 years ago.

    The only thing that has me thinking, though, is how much have those rifles really been fired? When you think back to those old .22's your grandfather may have had, you don't see a 500 round brick of ammo sitting next to it. One or two 50 round boxes, was more like it.

    These days lots more people take their .22 out to the range or out in the woods plinking and run through 500 or 1000 rounds like it's nothing.

    If you take care of your stuff, how many rounds before the major stuff wears out?
  2. dukeblue91


    Sep 6, 2012
    Raleigh, NC
    The major stuff on a gun should last for a very long time nowadays the more vulnerable things are usually springs and small parts.

  3. country85


    Jan 14, 2012
    Greentown, IN
    I had a ruger 10/22 when I was in high school that I know had at least 20,000 rounds through it. Boy those were the days, 550 round federal bricks for 9 bucks lol. But even after that many rounds my gun still functioned perfectly and rifling still looked good. Only thing I ever had to replace was the hammer spring..which was because I lost it lol
  4. Jason D

    Jason D INFRINGED Silver Member Millennium Member

    Jun 16, 1999
    Mivonks, MI
    I have never broken a .22 in thousands of rounds of ammo.
    I have a .22 rifle that belonged to my Grandfather that has an untold amount of ammo through it. It can still put all rounds touching.
  5. smokeross

    smokeross GTDS Member #49

    May 15, 2011
    My dad bought a Winchester 62 that went through 5 boys. I have shot many thousands of rounds through it myself. Still works great, but the exterior shows a little wear.
  6. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    A good rimfire rifle should last a lifetime if its not abused.
  7. Southpaw69


    Dec 28, 2007
    Still use my great grandma's Remington pump 22, still works great.
  8. My oldest daughter is a collegiate rifle shooter. She has had her Anschutz target rifle for 9 years and shoots 5k-10k rounds a year.

    We bought the rifle used, it was made in the mid 1970's. It was a club gun in Germany according to the importer.

    I would not be surprised if it has seen 250,000 rounds down the barrel, and it still shoots scores that will put you in the finals at the NCAA championship.

    I honestly think it is impossible for a single human to wear out a quality .22 lr barrel with modern ammo.

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  9. Winchester 63, purchased by my father in 1934 something,,,I still shoot it all the time,,,very accurate
  10. janice6

    janice6 Silver Member

    Apr 4, 2006
    My Winchester Model 74 in .22 short has lasted almost 70 years so far. I had it since I was a small child, I got it used, shot the crap out of it and poorly maintained it. Accuracy was excellent. Reliability was superb.

    It always worked and made me proud. I loved that gun and have since given it to my son, who intends to give it to his daughter.

    They are the lifeblood of American youth and will last several lifetimes.
  11. Tango 1Zero

    Tango 1Zero Millennium Member

    Nov 8, 1999
    Heres my story. My Dad bought a used 22 wards pump for me and my brother when we were kids.
    We shot it every summer on vacation at my uncles farm. My dad killed squirrels with it then my older brother used it for hunting.
    Then I picked it up and started hunting with it.
    We never took it apart to clean it. We only had a string with a lead weight smashed on it and tied oily patches on it to clean it. Sometimes it went maybe 2 years before cleaning it.
    Well im 46 now and about ten years ago while my Dad was still alive I thought that bore has gotta be gone in that thing im going to get a light and check it. Its clean and shiny like a new gun. I cant see one thing wrong with it.
    Now my daughter is 17. I taught her to shoot using it and I have a 6 year old son thats going to start shooting it maybe this summer.
    So heres an old used gun that has 46 years of my history and not the best care. I think my Dad gave something like $60 for it.
  12. Faulkner

    Faulkner Patriot Millennium Member

    Aug 21, 1999
    Arkansas Ozarks
    My dad bought a Remington Speedmaster in the '50's that he shot the dickens out of. It got handed down to me and I must have put a zillion rounds through it before my little brother got a hold of for another zillion. Now, both of my boys have run a untold number of rounds through it and it's as accurate as my new M&P 15-22. Well over 60 years and still going strong.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  13. I have some CCi Minis that I found recently in my old stuff. They had a receipt with the from 10-21-71. They work fine, not a misfire

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