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Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by stooxie, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. stooxie

    stooxie NRA Life Member

    Hey everyone...

    So, how do you respond to people who basically start penning your obituary when they find out you now have a motorcycle? I've found that people (friends, colleagues, co workers, relatives, etc) can be real jerks about this. It's very frustrating. They'll talk like it's 100% guaranteed that you're going to die. :steamed: I get that bad sht can happen to good people, but I am not a 19 year old ball of hormones looking to do wheelies on the highway. Ten times as many people die a year in cars yet no one thinks a THING of it. Zero.

    I guess this whole thing is another gun issue: some people get it, most do not.

    Any words of wisdom on this one?


    p.s., as an update on my riding, I'm riding much more confidently now but still hold everyone's words of advice from the other thread (and the MSF course) VERY close to my heart. It's great, the 650R is an awesome bike. It's as tame as a lamb at 3000rpm and you can keep it there all day. Twist the throttle, though, and HOLY SMOKES but you have to be deliberate about it, and I think that's probably a good thing for a new rider. So far it has been an amazingly friendly bike.

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  2. If everyone around me started to pen the obit as you say perhaps maybe I better stop and consider what they are trying to say - are they trying to suggest maybe you are at risk on a bike because of some other events in your life to make them think that way? Or are they trying to tell you (in a round about way) they care about you and that they want you to sbe careful on the bike? Either way they are trying to tell you they care about you and are concerned about you...

    Ride to live; live to ride.

  3. Depending on my mood, I try and pick something out about that person and turn it right back on them. Maybe a comment like “Is that a pack of cigarettes in your pocket?” or something like that. I especially like it when people that are 30+ pounds overweight start telling you about some guy they knew that crashed.

    Other times I will ask them if they know anybody that ever drowned. They are always puzzled and ask why, then I just say “Cause I have a boat too.”
  4. wolfy692005

    wolfy692005 pro tinkerer

    a lot of people round me are the same way.. They say riding a motorcycle is soooo dangerous.. I tell so what. first of all, it isnt you, but me on the bike. second i could die today walking down the side walk or going to work in my car, or i could have a heart attack at any time. I can not control them but i can ride and enjoy my bike. I put on 16,000 miles last year.. on stride to hit that mark again this year.. i aint stopping for them.
  5. I just tell them not to leave "gun owner, NRA Life Member, GOA Life Member, JPFO Life Member and hell of a guy" out.
  6. stooxie

    stooxie NRA Life Member

    It's the latter. Definitely not the former, I've been a straight shooter my whole life. Actually that's probably why they figure "Uh oh! He's gone to the dark side!"

    If people said "Dude, be careful, those things can be dangerous" I'd have NO problems. Literally, though, they say "Oh my GOD you're going to DIE."

    Feh... I guess I should just be flattered the care. If people say nothing then they don't care.

  7. Trust me, you'll get these "well intentioned" people everywhere telling you what a death trap bikes are. I just remind them that the number 1 cause of motorcycle fatalities (no single vehicle crashes) are cars turning left in front of the I remind them to "Start seeing Motorcycles". Another approach is to just ask them, "Why do you feel the need to tell me this?" and see where they go. If that doesn't work I like to remind them about their mortality and when there number's's up. I'd rather being doing something I love than hiding in the bushes. Believe me, it's easier for them to point out other's ultimate demise than to think about their own. Tends to make 'em alittle more considerate.
  8. Bowtie

    Bowtie NRA MEMBER

    I just heard it the other day.With these gas prices I started riding to work.About 100 miles round trip.A friend says "OH GREAT! CLEAN UP ON LANE THREE"
  9. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Just say that you'd wheelie for safety.
  10. HollowHead

    HollowHead Firm member

    I had a co-worker years ago say the same thing. Knowing she was getting married that weekend I said, "You know, half of all marriages fail." That shut her up. In fact, I don't think she ever spoke to me again. HH
  11. I've been on the fence about getting a street bike. I've had dirt bikes and atv's in the past. Honestly, I've read threads from newbies that start out "any suggestions for a first time/newbie street bike"? Frankly, your advice/info/suggestions are very negative. My wife talked me out of a street bike. We're gonna stick to our atv's.

    IMO, street bikes seem kinda like ultra-light aircraft......sooner or later "something" happens major or minor. FWIW, I've crashed in the desert and simply got up and dusted myself off. Please don't take this post wrong. I really wanted to get a street cruiser but frankly I was scared off from all the negativity.
  12. stooxie

    stooxie NRA Life Member

    I find this ironic.

    Different strokes for different folks, but you'll stick to your ATV's? Gosh, cuz no one can get hurt or die on those.

    The point isn't ATVs are more dangerous than motorcycles or vice versa. The point is people rationalize whatever decisions they make, including NOT doing something. You're wife talked you out of a bike so now you'll develop a strong reaction against motorcycles.

    It's also ironic how on a gun forum some folks apply the same incorrect statistics as anti-gunners apply to guns. Not everyone is going to die on a motorcycle any more than anyone who owns a gun is going to shoot someone or get shot.

    That's what they'll tell you, though.

  13. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Yep. Nobody ever broke a bone or a neck riding offroad either.:upeyes:

    You want safe? Sit your ass on a sofa and eat bonbons and watch Oprah.
  14. Instead of some kind of guidance I get replies like these. I'm not surprised. In the woods I'm not going to meet a Cadillac running an intersection or some idiot who "doesn't see me" makes me a crip the rest of my life. I'll pass on the street bike thank you. Gee, ya got a real brotherhood here.:upeyes:
  15. HollowHead

    HollowHead Firm member

    You come in here trying to justify an opinion you've already formed. What did you expect? HH
  16. Change my mind? Convince me different? I'm on the fence......explain to me how great the street bike experience is?:whistling::whistling:
  17. I don't see riding as something that's conducive to 'convincing'. I've wanted to ride road bikes since I was a six year old kid on the back of an older kid's Cushman. I started riding when I was 20, am 60 now. Riding is something I just don't want to do without, like sex.

    I don't know how to make a convincing case for someone else--you either want to do it, or you don't. If you're tentative and afraid, don't. It's dangerous to be on the road with cagers who flat-out don't give a damn about you and drive accordingly. There are deer (centerpunched one at 65 mph in 1983), dogs, racoons, loose gravel, and all manner of other hazards. I've had more close calls than I can count, but am a much smarter rider than I was years ago. I count on my road smarts to keep me alive and healthy, but realize it could all go south in an instant.

    Life is a series of risks; you just have to decide which ones are outweighed by pleasures. I'll ride until I'm no longer able to, for whatever reason.
  18. stooxie

    stooxie NRA Life Member

    That was my whole point but you snipped it out of the quote.

    The guy was saying motorcycles were too dangerous and I think that ATVs are very dangerous. We all decide that things we like to do have acceptable risk.

  19. stooxie

    stooxie NRA Life Member

    I think old grey's response is the right one, but I'll say it again: you have simply chosen to accept the risks of the ATV. You won't find a Caddy in the woods, but you'll find... a moose? A deer? A ravine? A hole in the ground that catches a tire? A low hanging branch? A jutting rock? Etc, etc!

    I guess what I am saying is this. If you can accept the risk of an ATV you can accept the risks of a motorcycle. It's just a different set of risks.

  20. I just want to apologise to everyone about my stubborn stance on street bikes. Old Gray sent me a PM and straightened me out. You guys enjoy your street bikes and I'll head to the woods with my atv.

    ~Take care, John Parker

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