How do you keep your semi auto HD shot gun loaded?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Z71bill, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I will always have an Remington 870 pump action in my safe as a HD weapon -

    I make sure the gun is unloaded - dry fire - then load up the mag tube - leave the safety off (fire position) and stick it in the safe.

    If I ever need it - all I need to do is rack the forearm to load a round - no small buttons to push -simple easy - could do it in my sleep.

    I bought a 20 gauge semi auto for my wife to shoot - decided it would be a good idea to keep it next to the 870 -

    I loaded the mag tube up with #3 buckshot - left the chamber empty - safety off -

    All I would need to do is rack the cocking handle - seems straight forward enough.

    But I am not the type that accepts a simple solution without beating it to death. :upeyes:

    I considered locking the cocking handle back - with the magazine cut off engaged - then all I would need to do is push the magazine cut off button and the action closes and a round is loaded.

    The button is a little tight - my wife would have trouble - it is her gun.

    How do you keep your semi auto HD shot gun loaded?

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  2. Chamber round, safety on

  3. I don't like keeping a round in the chamber on a gun sitting in my upstairs safe.

    It would be the only gun in this safe with a round chambered.

    I considered doing it anyway - the gun is only a 4+1 - I put 4 in the mag and then have a loose shell laying around.

    My simple rule that I have followed for years -

    Gun in a holster always a round in the chamber - gun not in a holster never a round in the chamber -
  4. Scattergun1187

    Scattergun1187 Vote Republican

    20rd. Drum loaded and put on in the chamber takes a 1/2 second.
  5. eracer

    eracer Where's my EBT?

    Is this a trick question?

    6 rounds of #1 Buck in the tube, with 1 round of #1 Buck in the chamber. Safety on. One step away from the bed.
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  6. 1200fp with one on the lifter, 6 in the mag.
  7. jwhite75

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    What eracer said. Its a defense gun it needs to be reachable in one step and ready to rock and roll.

    DHSGMAN Combat Veteran

    Loaded tube, safety off. Pull back the charging handle, release and it's ready to go. Mossberg 930 SPX.
  9. NH Trucker

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    Saiga 12, 12 round magazine loaded and inserted, bolt locked open, stock folded to the left side. All I have to do is hit the handle on the bolt and it slams shut and is ready to rock. If that gets emptied, I also have a 20 round drum sitting in the drawer of the night stand. Both the magazine and drum are loaded with Federal 2 3/4 00 Buck.

    IF I need a second shotgun for some reason, I have an 870 in my safe in another room, fully loaded 6+1, safety on. Has the same shells as the Saiga.
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  10. Same as a patrol car.
    Rounds in tube, chamber empty, decocked with safety on.

    It's generally called "Car carry ready."
  11. One loaded in the chamber and full mag (safety on).

    Why not?
  12. I don't want a safety on (not ready to fire) in a SD/HD shotgun.

    You really want to mess around with a little-bitty button in this situation?

    Why have a safety on & an empty chamber?
  13. This is how I have it right now - so far I see nothing "better"

  14. What is 1200fp?

    What is one on the lifter?

    At least I know what 6 in the mag means!
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  15. I always thought it was

    full mag tube - chamber empty - decocked with safety OFF = "cruiser ready" :dunno:
  16. He is talking about the Beretta 1200FP semi-auto shotgun. And the lifter being the shell lifter/carrier.
  17. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.


    Answer. :cool:
  18. It's not difficult. Don't over-think it.
  19. So have the action open - with a loose shell sitting just outside the chamber?

    If I have it right - this would be a poor method -
  20. Why have the safety on?

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