How do you carry spare mags?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by kb18no1, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. 1. How do you carry a spare mag?
    2. What brand?
    3. IWB or OWB or other?


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  3. robhic

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    Don't remember the brand but got a single mag holder (hard side) with a spring-clip for about $12 from Bo ..... (they whose name shall not be mentioned).com. It was a friction type that held the mag very well.

  4. I tried to make one myself, out of a knife pouch of all things..

    Worked great for about 2 whole hours.

    I am now in the process of trying to find a single mag pouch for a reasonable price, since I only have two 15 round mags and one of them is in the 19 when I'm carrying (even though I could legally carry the 33 round mags, I'd prefer not to when CCW'ing.. lol)
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  5. Jason D

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    Galco single magazine carrier made from leather.
    It is leather worn on the outside of the belt and attached by a polymer J clip.


    I have several of them for different sized magazines. This one will fit double stack magazines fairly tightly.
  6. I use a old cell phone holder, holds two 13 round G23 mags or one mag and a 5.11 ATAC-A1 flashlight, which is how I normally carry it...I figure 26 rounds and a flashlight is better than 39 rounds and in the it conceals very well...looks like what it is supposed to look like....a phone holder..
  7. Travelin' Jack

    Travelin' Jack Misinformed

  8. I just throw it in a pocket. No need to have another thing hiding on my belt.

    molan labe
  9. I would, but the problem with that is the pocket lint, loose tobacco that falls out from the pack, etc..

    If I were to carry in pocket, it would need something covering the tip (where the bullets go)
  10. Weak side(left for me) owb. Currently in a BlackHawk single mag carrier I got for 20 bucks at my LGS. I recently ordered a Mitch Rosen MBS express for 50 bucks plus shipping. I carry an XDM 3.8 .40.

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  12. I carry a Glock 13 round mag for my model 30 in a Glock brand mag pouch OWB.

    Your welcome.
  13. I do not carry spare mag, I carry a spare handgun. Usually a Seecamp 380 or a S&W J frame.
  14. [​IMG]
    primarily the comp-tac tek-lok single on the left (for which i have one for each of my permit pistols).
  15. Sgt.K

    Sgt.K They Just Work!

    Nylon velcro flap made by Pass Port. Weak side OWB with the clip. When I carry my G19 I use one that will hold a G17 mag w/a plus 2 and when it is my PM9 I carry one that holds the 7 round extended. Sort of discrete/stealth if I have my shirt tucked in.
  16. OWB in a Kytex mag pouch. Great product!!
  17. cadillacguns

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    OWB kydex, where do you get the comp-tac tek-lok?

    Oh, and my car door has a G-22 mag, and my consol does to, so around my car or in my pocket I always have a spare.
  18. Me too. I haven't needed to strip the mag and clean out the lint yet, either.
  19. Filhar

    EBay seller that I know makes custom knife sheaths and mag holders. I went for a plain black one for a g17 mag for my g26. Here's a picture.

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