how do y'all carry your maks?

Discussion in 'Makarov Club' started by RedSoxMD, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. i just bought a mak, how do you all carry yours? i was thinking of getting smartcarry, seemes really versatile to me. thanks in advance for the help

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  2. I have a Task inside the waist band holster. I carry in 4 o'clock position.

    I'm not real fond of Appendix carry. Not fond of the idea of having the grip below the belt line either. Seeing that the smartcarry has no mechanism to keep it from sliding below the belt line would make me not very fond of this type of holster.

    I usually limit Mak carry to hot weather. Lately, the weather has been unusually warm, so I was carrying it on Christmas week. Broke a sweat on Christmas day frying the turkey.

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  3. I use the Don Hume JIT Slide holster for carrying everything.

    I don't have a pictire of a Mak in the JIT but this is what the holster looks like.

  4. Falco (not to be confused with Galco) IWB leather thumb break holster.

  5. I have the same holster. It holds the gun close to my body with excellent retention. My Mak just seems to disappear on me with the JIT. I think they're less than thirty bucks too. I highly recommend it.
  6. Don Hume IWB. Love it.

  7. RMTactical


    Me too!

  8. did you experience any rust issues w a leather holster? i live in a humid area, so thats why i ask. thanks!
  9. RMTactical


    No idea. Rust simply is not an issue in my experience... but I live in a dry area.
  10. Snap on?
    Clip on?
    Clip on with thumb break?

    ah......... according to their web site, they only have these models for the Makarov:
    H715-M W.C.
    J.I.T. SLIDE
    Automatics & Revolvers
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  11. thanks for all the help guys. does anyone use smartcarry? I was taking a look at those and I think it might be useful for when I am at the gym.
  12. actionpup

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    Humid way to carry. With routine cleaning, not an issue. I typically save the SmartCarry for firearms that are not as prone to rust. I stick to fanny pack carry when working out.
  13. Mine's the H715M...which includes "NO. 99W" after the M on the holster.

  14. My Makarov carry rigs:

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  15. I am seriously considering the JIT slide for my G26.Any help out there on this holster, pros/cons? I also have a second choice a sideguard slide.Need help to decide for concealde owb holster.Appreciate help!:dunno:
  16. Is anyone using the Don Hume JIT slide for a glock 26? if so how is it working for you?
    I am looking at one for my glock or a sideguard slide. can't decide.Help!

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  17. I do not carry it regularly, but I like my JIT slide for my Kahr PM9. So much so that I am thinking of getting one for my Glock 36. On that same principle, it should work well for a Glock 26.
  18. I have it in the car
  19. frank_drebin

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    I have been carrying mine in a Tagua IWB that's made for a Kahr CW9. I have found that any holster made for a CW9 will fit my Mak like it was made for it.

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