How do the single stack 9mms compare to the S&W BG .380?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by SickShot, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Thinking about a single stack Kahr or Sig 9mm.

    Is the CM9 the smallest Kahr 9mm


    Is the Sig 250 the smallest 9mm?


    How do they compare to the S&W BG .380? Is there much of a difference?

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  3. Depends on whether the ballistic difference between 9mm and .380 is important to you. I often carry my BG .380 and have no desire or intentions of getting a single stack mini-9.
    I do pocket carry my G26 though and lately either a Colt DS or Smith 438 is generally in my pocket.

  4. OK here's what I found:

    For comparision I have the G26 and S&W BG .380

    G26 CM9 P290 S&W BG .380
    L- 6.54 5.42 5.5 5.25
    H- 4.17 4 3.9
    Wid- 1.18 .90 .90
    Wgt- 26oz 15.1 20.5 11.2
  5. I carry both depending on the situation, usually holster carry the 26 and pocket the BG, but I can pocket carry the 26. I pocket carry both with a Desantis pocket holster.
  6. I almost traded my BG380 towards the purchase of a LC9. Then a combination of the dealer low balling me $200 for my BG380 and the fact that there's no way in hell that LC9 won't print big time while pocket carrying changed my mind. If I can't throw it in the pocket of whatever I'm wearing, chances are it won't get carried.
  7. G26S239

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    My MK9 is dimensionally the same as a PM9/CM9 but heavier. Here it is compared to my Ruger LCP. The little 380s are noticeably smaller than the little 9mms.



  8. Great comparison pix!

    Thank you G26!:wavey:
  9. NOTHING carrys as easy as my BG or LCP.
  10. I'll bet my DB9 does.
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  12. G26S239

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  13. Bruce M

    The Sig P290 is smaller than the 250 and I think the 938 will be a bit smaller also.

    Depending on budget the Rohrbaugh might be an option.
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