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How do I know...

Discussion in 'The 21 Club' started by thewrights20042, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. thewrights20042


    Aug 26, 2009
    First let me say that I am new to posting on GT and am posting here because my question is specific to the g21sf and thought this would give me an informed audience. However, I am not a numbered member of this "club" so if that makes a difference please move this post to where it should be thanks.

    Now to the question...

    How do I know if I have a g21sf that has a defective mag release?

    I recently purchased a g21sf, ambi mag release, w/ glock rail (have not been to the range yet to break er in either). I was on today and was reading about a group of you who have had issues with the mag catch or mag release of the 21sf ambi version. It got me wondering. Does mine have an issue? How would I know if it had an issue? I did some mag drops w/ loaded and unloaded mags using the left & right side mag releases, seems fine. Listened to the mag as it clicked in and only could hear one distinct click, no double clicking as I read about. So, how does one know if they need to have their's looked at? Mine has a Mxxxx0 SN and a spent shell casing dated 01/15/09.

    Any ideas?:dunno:
  2. thewrights20042


    Aug 26, 2009
    I guess no one knows how to diagnose it before it breaks. So, I guess I will hope for a failure during range time and not during a life/death situation.

    If anyone has insight though please feel free to chime in as I would love to know how to figure out there's a problem before something happens.

  3. If you know how to field strip your new 21SF then do so and look down into the frame where the mag release mechanism sits.
    See the pivot pins that sit in the recesses of the frame?
    These "ears" hold the piece that actually holds and releases the magazine from the frame.
    Take a small flat screw driver and see if these ears are all the way down into the slots that they sit in.
    I just gently push on them each time I detail strip my 21SF.
    I have over 8500 rounds through mine without a problem but I do strip it completely and clean it each time I shoot it.
    I have gotten in the habit of pushing up on the magazine while pushing the release button.
    I also push the release button while inserting a mag.
    I believe this piece "pops" out of some people's guns because they are not seated fully.
    Check it out and let us know, especially after you shoot it.
  4. thewrights20042


    Aug 26, 2009
    I took my 21sf to the range today. LOVED IT. Shot 200 rounds down range. It was beatiful straight out the box. Had no FTE or FTF. There were no issues with mag drops or loading. It actually felt after about 100 rounds that the mag was going in and coming out to smoooothly almost felt like it was kind of lubed or something (no other way to describe it). Got 'er home, stripped/cleaned 'er, and slide a loaded mag in to 'er. What was that?!? Was that a "double click"? Go to drop the mag. WTF?!? How much pressure do I have to apply on this mag release? Press up on the bottom of the mag, the mag release pressed in, and mag slides out as it should. Slide in an empty mag, no issues.

    So, it appears the quirks that some have described with their 21sf ambi mag release are present in mine. It appears that it is mainly present only with a FULL mag. Hard mag release press when dropping a fully loaded mag and an occasional sticking of the mag release when pressing from the right side to the left (probably due to the extra force being applied).

    Now, do others have this? If so, what are you doing about it?

    Are you making modifications to ensure proper function (ie. ensuring pressure is applied to bottom of mag when depressing release button)?

    Have you sent it back to glock for any sort of repair/replacement?

    Are you not worried about it because it only effects a fully loaded mag and when are you going to drop a fully loaded mag to insert another fully loaded mag?
  5. If you look at the way the mag is held into the frame, the piece that holds and releases it is sort of like a wedge. It is "locked" into the cut out in the face of the magazine and that is what holds the mag in place.
    When a mag is fully loaded it has a great deal of pressure on this piece.
    Why wouldn't it be difficult to release this pressure? If it weren't tight the recoil of shooting it might be enough to bounce it out of the cut out and drop the mag or at least allow it to move which would effect feeding of the next round into the chamber.
    Like you said, why would you be dropping a fully loaded mag anyway?
    Lift up on it when it is fully loaded before releasing it. No problem.
    I do the same when inserting a full mag. Hold the button in until the mag is in place.
    It doesn't have a problem with partially loaded mags or empty mags so where is the problem?
    Don't bother sending it to Glock when there is nothing wrong with it.
    Simply get used to the characteristics of your new gun.
    Remember to check that the mag release piece is fully seated when you clean her and everything should be fine.
    If I kept track properly I am 50 rounds shy of 9000 rounds through my 21SF without even the slightest problem.