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How did you start in the shooting sport?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by VICARA, Aug 23, 2005.



    Jul 13, 2005
    SJ/The Sin City
    Or shall I say, what triggers (pun intended) your going into the shooting sports instead of like, golf, bike riding, fishing or stamp collection;Q At what point in your life you decided to be passionate with this gun stuff. Is it a family tradition? environmental factors? necessity? influenced by friends? military background? etc...(or maybe just pampa-pogi)

    What about a traumatic event that started it all?

    What has been your experienced when you encounter person or groups that are gun-control nuts. Or maybe a politician who thinks he knows best how to address the issue, or a talk show psychologist who claims that less gun equates to less crime.

    Do you intend to practice this sport for a long time? Or plans of bringing kids/grandkids into the the sport?

    Any thoughts/comments to expand the above subject is welcome. It can be a short essay or as short as one sentence.

    Just curious...
  2. Mang Danny

    Mang Danny

    Jan 11, 2005
    I grew up around WW2 guns in the provinces. When I got married, I bought a gun for home protection. Migrating over here, the itch suddenly re-appeared around fall of 1997 when a friend from work invited me to join them to the gunshow. Fast forward to 2005, now i need a bigger gunsafe.;e

  3. bokbok_05


    Apr 24, 2005
    I was fascinated by guns even when I was a kid (especially 1911s). I used to buy a 1911 style water guns and cut its portruding barrel so that it will look like the "real thing" ;f . Wala pang mga airsoft pistols nuon kaya nagtitiyaga ako sa mga water guns na iba't-ibang kulay pa ;f ;f . Although lately lang ako nakabili ng baril, matagal ko na talaga hilig magkaroon ng pistol (1911).
  4. Jhutts


    Aug 20, 2005
    Angono, Rizal
    I tried different sports, billiard, basketball, badminton but I find it sooooo boring...

    Since before I like to try practical shooting, but some of my friends discourage me because what they have in mind is going to this kind of sport is too dangerous.

    My cousin who is in this kind of sport, invited me to watch their clubshoot. And I find it interesting, so I decided to join their club.

    Now, I'm into it and planning to be more serious in this sport and planning to teach my wife and my kids.
  5. GLOCKSTER2000


    Aug 3, 2005
    Since I was still in the womb of my mother, I was already interested in guns.

    When I was a kid, I would always drew rifles, handguns, and battletanks on papers and sometimes on the walls of our house. But I never knew then that I was inclined to guns, untill I was in my twenties when I began to ask my self about what is the best mean to defend my self against badguys. I thought about martial arts. But I did not thought of my self as having the physical agility and decipline to go through the rigors of martial arts. Finally,movies such as Lethal Weapons and Die Hard made me decide that a handgun is the best mean to defend myself.
  6. Alexii

    Alexii Janeway Forever

    Nov 14, 2001
    Delta Quadrant
    Started liking guns as a kid, I can remember "checking in" my auto-lever rat-tat-tat rifle bought from Antipolo in a restaurant so I wouldn't bother other diners with the annoying noise the toy gun makes. Anybody else had this toy? Wish they still make it; I'd love to buy one for my son.

    Started shooting real guns when I was 12. First gun I actually fired is a stainless S&W .357 Mag revo. Hit the dirt in front of the target six times out of six. Severe flinching. ;f


    Jul 13, 2005
    SJ/The Sin City
    Amazing thing to know how you guys started on this sport. Enlightening, to say the least.

    For me, it started as a young boy watching the late FPJ and others doing those western black and white movies, you know, shooting from the hip of doing those fancy speed shootings from a single action revolvers so fast they look/sound like a semi-auto. And everytime, they can hit a small or moving BG target. I thought they were cool.

    AT age 16, I had a chance to touch a real gun. I remember my family rented a house in the province to guys from Danao or Pangasinan. They were new employees of a startup business next to my family's house doing hard-chroming of firearms. So, most of the time, they bring home finished guns and they let me handle it. Being naive and all that, I was surprised how heavy they were. But those were the years that started my 'sobrang pagkahilig' sa baril. I got my first gun, a 'paltik' made in Danao, a gift from my future brother in law who was a PGB at that time. Naipit nga yung daliri ko dun! He gave me a real Colt .45 series 70 (or 80, I dont remember) at the early morning after people raided/ransacked Malacanang and led eventually to Marcos exile in Hawaii. I remember my brother in law told me, lot of guns from the Malacanang armory were stolen that night.

    I started seriously when I migrated to Hawaii. When I took my 2-day shooting class before you can buy one, I remember I missed the target all the time, not even a punch on the paper target itself. Its all on the ground. Then I was taken as a 'student' by a Pinoy RO who was a retired Navy sharpshooter. But thats a different story but I learned everything from this master in return to buying all my ammos from him.

    My serious collection hobby started in Las Vegas when I moved there. In Nevada, you can buy anything you want even a full-auto rifles, .50 cal, suppressors, name it and you can buy it. Its all done legally at gun shows or stores. But my collections are all 1911's.

    I intend to be active in this sport until I can still see my front sight.
    edited: my family and generations before them were all gun-shy bunch. we were ask to hide in our rooms when a friend come visit us and show off his piece. i only get my dad to shoot a real pistol after his retirement. now, he's bitten by the bug!
  8. mirko128


    Mar 8, 2005
    I was only mildly interested in firearms as a youngster.

    Late last year, I found that I had the same growing interest with handguns as my officemate/buddy. We were about to receive our annual performance bonus at that time, eventually a big chunk of which we spent on acquiring our first pistols.

    I'm not into the "shooting sport" yet, per se. I try to visit the range every two or three weeks or so, trying to get the basics right.
  9. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    My dad taught me. He started me with airguns when I was 8 or something. Then with his .22 magnum snub. Fired my first .45 caliber when I was 12 or 13. By the time I was 13, I was already enjoying hunting rats in our backyard either with our old Marlin .22LR lever gun or my CO2 air rifle. We also have a fishpond where I shoot rats that I see walking and climbing through the fishing nets.
  10. vega


    Sep 29, 2001
    When I was a kid I always asks for baril-barilan every Christmas and birthdays. I even got this big MG with tripod for Christmas. My first pistol was a Bersa 380 Super Thunder. I was in our local shooting range when I met this future buddy who told me to buy a competition pistol. He taught me the IDPA/IPSC basics. Like everyone, my first competition was nerve wrecking. After the first run tanggal lahat ang kaba. I was using a 1911 9mm then. After that I bought a G19 for IDPA.

    Here in US my collection is getting a little bigger, as Mang Danny said, "now I need a bigger gunsafe."

  11. VICARA,
    salamalaikom sadik.
    started liking guns when i was only 12yrs old. my late father used to be an operative of our Regional Security unit(RSU in Recom-7 central visayas)
    i've seen alot of people going in and out of our house with different type/kind of guns with them.
    my father had 3 guns also that time. a 357 6" s&w revolver, a .38 cal snob nose s&w revolver (as a back-up gun) & a 6 shooter semi-auto loader .25 cal pistol. don't remember the brand but it looks like a jennings or lorcin.
    i seldom see him bring that .25 cal pistol. maybe i guess it's for my mother's use in the house if needed.
    my father used to bring me to the range during their target practice and teach me how to shoot his snob nose revolver. and then the rest is history.;f
  12. VICARA


    Jul 13, 2005
    SJ/The Sin City
    salamalaikum. kai falhal sadik? inshalla kullo kuwais. (I hope I still get those right, kahit phonetics lang).
    I bet you're really dying for even a short vacation to our beloved P.I. so you can go shooting again. From your past postings, I reckon, you guys planning to migrate to Australia after Jeddah. I heard, them guys, Aussies, have similar gun laws like England. I hope I'm wrong but you may research on that otherwise, baka .22 cal hindi ka pa makabili. Labas niyan, baka arnis na lang ang CCW mo dun.

    California,USA na lang sadik, para sama sama tayo kina stglock sa range. baka pati sina jerrytrini, Mang Danny at Vega ma-me meet natin sila; we are all in the same neighborhood.
  13. kuwais sadik allahamdunila. :)(miss the old days here in saudi kapatid?)
    yup can't wait to be back home.;g my wife is planning on going "down under". her sister is the one trying to convience her on migrating there. for me i really don't want to go 'coz i have other plans/things to do after getting my service award here(;I time ;) ;)). Pero di ko nalang ki-nontra muna sa ngayon. Mas maganda yun, nalipat muna yung isip nya doon sa pag-mamigrate sa aussie kaysa kung ano anong pinag-iisip na kagastusan.;Q
  14. MELBU

    MELBU Ann2Tero

    When I was a little kid. I remember I went out of the house to play
    text and tutubi at the corner of our street when suddenly a robber armed
    with a 1911 pistol came running out from a pawnshop with a sack full
    of money and jewelries. The security guard somehow freed himself and
    starts shooting the robber, a 30 secs. shootout began and the robber
    got hit in the head, he fell and died in front of me.

    Nabitiwan nya yung hawak nyang sack na pera at alahas, hinagin yung
    pera at ayun nag agawan yung mga tao.

    While everybody is busy getting the money....I went home with a Colt
    in my back pocket along with my tirador.
  15. ;z good choice bro!
  16. toxic


    Jan 15, 2005
    doin' time
    My uncles,and my older cousins are from the military, Police and CHDF When a was a kid tiga pulot kaming mga bata ng basyo pag nagtatarget shooting ang mga oldies sa bukid. pinakamarameng mapulot na basyo puputok ng carbine o kaya ng M16. from then on i loved the smell of gun powder.My tito from the airforce(RIP)has a shotgun ,he let me shoot it once got trown a few feet from the recoil , hospitalised for a week . Kala ko kase ako si superman;f

    Influenced din ng TV series na COMBAT.

    Eto ko ngayon nag abroad para makapagpatayo ng armory.;I
  17. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Oct 1, 2002
    I grew up in an anti-gun family. I really don't know how i got into guns and what influenced me. Maybe it came from my previous life. ;f
  18. Before, during my younger days, i used to hate guns. My catholic parents used to tell me .."nakakapuksa yan, masama yan, these are instruments used by the devil"..hehehe, then when i was already old enough to get a driver's license, appreciate women more, i was invited by a gun fanatic friend of mine. I just wanted to experience shooting a few rounds and then at the end of the session, i began to realize that i've shot not just a few rounds but a huge amount of ammo. Pinabayad tuloy ako ng friend ko coz i used most of his ammo. hehehe. then i began to ask him the next week when can we shoot a few rounds again til finally, he became busy with work so i had no choice but to buy my very first gun..the HK USP compact, 9mm and shoot like there's no tomorrow in the range. hehehe.
    Then as time passed by, i began to develop discipline and self-control which are vital in owning a gun. I then bought several guns more, the M16A2, mark 4 and now the Glock 23. I realized that this sport is a lot better than Golf, billiards, badminton, swimming, jet-skiing cause this helps me a lot in relieving myself of the stressors in life. I also noticed that everytime i carry a gun i become more patient and kind to other people specially in traffic. I became more courteous and sobrang mapagbigay..pasensyoso baga. hehe.
    well, i just love this sport very much.