How Common Is Each Handgun Caliber?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by RustyDaleShackleford, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Personally, especially for a first pistol, I would not worry about what's the most common round or what pistol is the most common or best.

    Rent as many pistols in as many different calibers as possible. Stick to any of the common calibers and get what works best for you.

    If at all possible, avoid buying a model and caliber that you have never fired.

    Also, keep it's primary use in mind. Will it be for daily carry, home defense, range use, plinking, a little of everything? Your "best" option may vary on it's use.

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  2. Walmarts in the Charlotte NC area lately have large stocks of 9mm, and .40, either Fed or WWB. Maybe a box or two of .45, sometimes more, sometimes less. The odd .357 SIG box but not much. Forget .380 though

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  4. MarkCO

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    Nope, search engines do help though. It is now where it should have been.

    Best, in your search.
  5. Get a Glock 19.
  6. 9mm, most popular military round & a lot of LEA
    40, probably taken the majority of the LEA contracts
    45, very American, still popular w/ elite LEA & competitors
    If I had to bet on ammo availability, it would be in that order. Many 45acp shooters reload, a few 40 & not that many 9mm.

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