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How big of a bike for my son?

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by sublime, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. sublime


    Nov 20, 2001
    He is 12 years old, pretty tall for his age and seems to be kicking off a good growth spurt to boot. Something like a Honda CRF100F? or could he handle the CRF150F? I don't want to get him something that he will grow out of in a year.

    PS I'd prefer to stick to a 4 stroker, make not that critical.

  2. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
    How much riding experience does he have?

  3. sublime


    Nov 20, 2001
    Zilch, none, nada. I will say that he is very conservative when it comes to stuff like this. I'm not worried about him going "crazy" on the thing and hurting himself.
  4. TheSniper

    TheSniper Projectile Mgr.

    Aug 23, 2001
    An 85cc or 100cc would be the way to go until he has some experience IMHO. The CRF150F is a dog,bad choice IMO. Stick with a 2-stroke until he's got his dirt legs,It would be cheaper and less maintenance. My .02;f ;c
  5. A two stroke LESS maintenance than a four stroke? Not really, although a used two stroke would be cheaper than a newer CRF. And anything from Honda being a dog? Care to elaborate? The CRF series dominates a good portion of MX, enduro, and even supermoto, although I ride a Husky. :)

    Something from Honda's XR series would make a perfect match. They're bulletproof.
  6. DaisyCutter


    Mar 1, 2003
    Get him a used XR80/XR100.

    My first bike was a 1979 XR80, this was 15 years ago and I was 12.

    I rode that for a year, then I upgraded to a 1984 XR200.

    Don't start him out on a pipey CR/YZ/RM/KX 80cc motocross bike, they're like a 0hp-17hp light switch.

    Let him learn the fundamentals of clutching, shifting, and breaking on a mellow older four-stroke.

    Don't freak out when almost overnight he's 27yo and blasting the trails on a CR500. For many, dirtbikes are a lifetime addiciton.

    Also, I believe learning the timing for clutching breaking, and shifting will give him a step-up when he starts driving in a few years.

    I've never had a car wreck. I believe that in my early years the dirtbike tought my how to anticipate and avoid problems.
  7. 2kflhr


    Dec 19, 2004
    Mooresville. NC
    I started out on dirt bikes at 8 with a 50cc Suzuki, by 10 I had a Bridgestone 100cc and by 12 a Suzuki 125cc. The bigger bikes were not that popular in the early '70's. My nephew started out at 12 with a 125 and no riding experience. A year later he was riding a Honda 200cc, he just turned 16 and he's still riding it but wanting a bigger bike.IMO go ahead and get a bike he will ride for several years. If you buy him a smaller bike it will be no time and he will feel he's ready for more. I would suggest something like a Honda 200cc or at least a 180cc, if it fit's him. It really depends on his size.
  8. TheSniper

    TheSniper Projectile Mgr.

    Aug 23, 2001
    Most people getting into dirt bikes dont know how to maintain them yet.A 2 stroke is overall easier and would be less of an overall problem to maintain than a 4 stroke. What would you rather do,adjust valves or replace a set of rings,I'll take the rings.

    The crf150f is a dog,anyone that bought one to replace any smaller 2 stroke will tell you that. Add some aftermarket parts and that would change. The guy I bought my sons KX80 from bought a crf150f for his wife and she hated it,she wanted to keep the KX. I own honda but That doesnt mean everything they make is perfect,some of their crap is just that...crap(crf150f);f ;c

    I still love My XR650 though,its a monster!
  9. The CRF150 is a play bike, the KX80 is a motocross bike. You'd need more like a 200 or so cc four stroke playbike to get anywhere near the power of the MX 80. Calling the CRF150 a dog because it can't hang with the KX80 is like calling a turbo Volvo a dog because it can't hang with a rally car. They're just not made for the same thing.

    And, honestly, Honda doesn't make any "crap". Try out the other playbikes in that range and you'll come back to Honda. The Yamaha TTR series is decent, but I'll take the XR all day.
  10. DeetsMan

    DeetsMan Carry in CA CLM

    Jun 27, 2001
    Gold Country
    Hey sublime,
    My son is also 12, and a very conservative rider. We borrowed a friends Yamaha TTR 125, and it has worked out very well for teaching him how to ride. We ride around our back yard and this has been a safe and easy way to learn.
    The TTR 125 LE would be a good option. It has electric start, enough power for a few years for your son is light enough with a low enough seat hight to be a good beginner bike.
    Good luck and let us know what you get.