Hot 9mm vs .357 Sig

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  1. Hi Mas

    I have been wondering for a while on this. It seems a 124 gr 357 sig round at 1350 fps is a very good defensive round. If you find a 9mm 124 gr traveling at the same speed would this be equal in stopping power as the 357 sig or is the sig round still better even if weight and speed a the same?

    I have seen a FEW of the 9 mm rounds at almost or at the 1350 fps range.

  2. Mas Ayoob

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    124 grains at 1350 fps is too warm for my blood, bro, for the following reasons:

    --I ain't no ballistician, but that sounds big time over-pressure to me for 9X19. 1350 is hot but safe for a 115 grain bullet.

    -- I'm not awre of any such load ever having been used in a shooting. In this day and age, I see no reason not to carry something "street proven."

    -- .357 SIG bullets by major manufacturers are geared to the caliber's high velocity. A 9mm 124 grain driven faster than its designer's velocity parameters could disrupt prematurely, adversely affecting penetration.


  3. Ok just a follow up question to this. Do you see any big advantage of 357 sig over a 9mm 127 +p+ at 1250 FPS or another factory hot load like buffalo bore or double tap at about 1300 FPS with same grain?

    Just trying to figure out if I need to get the 357 barrel for my Sig. If not a big advantage I will just stick to the steet proven 9 mm rounds for my Glock.

    Thanks again Mas
  4. Mas Ayoob

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    .357 will give you a dollop more smack on either end. Choice is always up to the shooter.


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