Hornady Zombie Max Ammo... REALLY?!

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by SGT278ACR, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Im sure we would all make the decision to market ammo as "zombie" killing ammo, if we knew that it was going to increase sales and profit for the company that was selling it. Now that one company has done it, everyone else is gonna ride their coat-tails..... all the way to the bank.

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  2. Yea I see some places the zombie is cheaper than the defense.

  3. Imagine the prosecutor trying to get a case based upon the fact you used "zombiemax" ammo. "Your honor and jury, this stuff was excessive, it was for killing zombies" He/she would look like a total nut. I guess Winchester Silvertips are Vampire ammo?

    Seriously though, when you start talking about zombies, vampires, and warewolves, your professional creditability just goes down the tubes. Then the defense gets the evidence that it is no different than their standard carry ammo, and what little you had of your dignity gets you a contempt hearing in court.
  4. It'd be nice if everyone was guaranteed that treatment and outcome, but in many parts of the country, an honest, rational environment is not what you, as someone who has fired a gun in self-defense, will experience. Instead, every attempt will be made to villify and embarss you and the prosecution will use everything they can to convince the jury that you are a loon who thinks zombies exist 'cause you used zombie killin' ammo. Juries tend to be poorly informed about guns and ammo, not to mention they are often "anti-gun", and the prosecution will exploit that if they can.

    I'll stick with my plain-jane HSTs and let my attorney about more important stuff while he is defending me.
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  5. stupid autocorrect is a piece of shirt!
  6. I agree with this. I see nothing wrong in having it for novelty or fun on the range but I'd never use it any of my carry guns.
  7. Yeah, it would go great with those 3D Zombie targets that ooze "blood" when you shoot 'em up. :cool:
  8. You'd get off on a technicality, because everyone knows Silvertips are werewolf-shootin' rounds!!! :rofl:
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  9. So if I shot someone with the zombie max ammo and they die, wouldn't that prove they are a zombie? Since a zombie is already dead, they can't charger with murder.

    Kind of like the mid evil days, if they accused someone of being a witch, they would burn you at the stake and if you burned that proved you were a witch. They didn't have any of this high tech equipment but by golly, everyone they accused turned out to be guilty. :supergrin:
  10. Hornady is just maximizing profits by tweaking one of its standard JHP self-defense rounds, packaging it in a different box, and selling it at a higher price. Yes, it's a novelty but the product itself is part of Hornady's top line.

    Remington repackaged it's Golden Saber with a new name and is charging $5/box more for the same Golden Saber round.
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    :rofl:Better for you to be out $20 for a cartoon comic printed box than me. Yep, about 4 months too late, but I think I was doing more important things at the time like scratching my ass. To each his own. Glad you like it.
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  12. I have some of the 12 gauge Zmax and wouldn't hesitate to use it in defense if I am out of standard buckshot, If I fear for my life I won't worry about convincing a jury that a reasonable person in my shoes wouldn't have done the same, any decent lawyer will show ammo choice shouldn't be a deciding factor in my fait
  13. People in this forum really should start going to court some. Honestly I'd think the same as many of you if I didn't have to go so much because of my job and didn't get to talk to juries afterwards (win or lose) to see what influenced them. Let's not forget that many times a lot of leeway is given in the closing arguments. Things that were not introduced as fact are often introduced in an underhanded way right then. Things that we as knowledgeable enthusiasts consider silly can easily become one of many factors that will influence the jury. I'm even sitting here now wondering if any Zombie .22lr ammo is out there for my child to use for fun when he is shooting Zombie targets. Still I'd never put any in a gun I have on my side for self defense and the argument that one of you might run out of ammo and have to use your Zombie ammo is just silly. Who can't afford the cheaper ammo yet stocks up on the Zombie novelty stuff?
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    I would tend to agree especially since the Z-Max ammo is marked in bold letters 'NOT FOR USE ON HUMANS'( something to that effect I can't remember exactly).

    I bet that would cause a ruckus.
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  15. Mas doesn't think it's a good idea either.
  16. I don't understand this argument. If it's the same as Critical Defense, I would think a competent lawyer should be able to demonstrate that, and a simple explanation of "it was (less expensive/more available) than identical ammo of a different color" should be sufficient.
  17. I'm mostly OK with that. Nothing wrong with reinforcing good safe habits.
  18. Read the thread. It's been discussed.
  19. No offense but a good lawyer could make it an issue easily. Whether the jury buys it or not is another story. You can't depend on having a jury full of people sympathetic towards our rights.
  20. I did read the thread. That doesn't mean I agree with all the conclusions drawn. It would be nice if there were some actual cases where this issue came up.

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