Hornady Critical Duty Standard or +P

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Osborne, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Seems that sgammo got some more critical duty in stock for 25$ box of 50 and considering its like 20$ for a box of 20 at my local LGS and everywhere else I thought I would buy a few boxes. Is there a reason this is not sold out yet because it seems like a really good deal. is the 135 grain not good or something?

    I already have boxes of gold dots 124 +p's that I keep in my glock 19 but I thought I would have some of this on hand too.

    I'm thinking about buying 10 boxes of the aguila ammo too 124 grain but I've never even heard of that brand... any idea if its any good?


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  3. I just got 5 boxes of the CD 9mm 135+P from SGAmmo. FBI protocol testing thru barriers etc. looked good. Consistent expansion though not as large in diameter as the HST and GD but better penetration. No street results yet, but I'll bet they will be good. Sig P226 MK25 ate them up!

  4. Aquila is good stuff. I ran through a case of the 124s in no time.
  5. Thanks so much guys, I might just choke it up and buy both 10 boxes of the aquila and two boxes of the critical duty...
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  6. I might just hold off on the Critical Defense for now and order 10 boxes of aquila theres some other stuff I want to get first....my LGS has federal 5.56 for 7.50 a box.....and I'm wanting to order a glock 78 field knife.
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    Can't help, specifically, with the Hornady but Hornady has always given me good results when I have used it, otherwise.

    The Aquila is pretty good stuff made in Mexico (a favorite of the cartels! :supergrin:) and I've just finished up a 1/2 case (500) and it was good ammo. I got mine from SGAmmo, as well.
  8. SGammo has the HST for cheaper than the Critical Duty. No brainer to go with the HST for me. The only bullet from Hornady I would and do carry is the XTP. Their FTX CD and CD bullets do not impress me in the least. If you want a heavy for caliber 9mm option I would go with the 147gr HST in either pressure.
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  9. Hornadybis good stuff I never tried the +P.
    Aguila is awesome stuff a little bit hotter than other brands!
    I Like it.
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    I like the aquila ammo.

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