Hornady Critical Defense/Duty

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Andy W, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Both of these bullets look good in gel tests but I've never seen any street results for them. Asking Massad Ayoob over in GATE fairly recently, he hasn't heard of anything either.

    So, has anyone ever tested out either the Critical Defense or Critical Duty on actual flesh? Could be as simple as shooting them into a pork shoulder or maybe you've taken a coyote or even a deer (if legal) or boar with them. I'd kinda like to know if they will expand in real tissue as well as shown in ballistic gel.

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  3. SCmasterblaster

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    Maybe a Police Department somewhere has the info you need.

  4. A guy on YouTube has tested it on hog heads.

    Here is a link

    [ame="http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s9Cqcht_fas"]Hog's Head Ballistics - Hornady Critical Defense 115gr 9mm - YouTube[/ame]

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  5. Myself..having reloaded with Hornady bullets for about 10 years.
    The then new Critical Defense load was very intriguing.

    I played around with it in 9mm and .380 for about a year.

    Shoots both very mild and very accurate.
    I've seen some pics where the bullet expanded, but only one side of it.

    It might expand every time through most media, but isn't a bonded or
    solid copper design like a Gold Dot, HST, or my Barnes TAC-XPs.

    I actually thought it shot harder in my .380s than it did my 9mms.

    Was a cream puff through the PCR and even heavier P-01.

    If recoil control and accuracy were factors over velocity, then I'd
    pick it over Hydra-Shock or Silvertips.
  6. SCmasterblaster

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  7. They don't release that info to just anyone off the street.

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  8. I would like to try some of this in 10mm.
  9. Until availability & bulk/contract pricing of the new Hornady CD loads make them attractive for LE agencies to acquire & issue, I'd not expect to see much in the way of shooting "results" with it.

    Even then, as another poster intimated, such "results" might only be made available to other LE agencies.

    After all, even one of the large fed agencies who does lab testing of ammunition started requiring an official letter head request, signed by someone of at least supervisor level, before releasing their test results, and agreement that the info wouldn't be disseminated outside the requesting agency.

    I can think of at least 4 large gov LE agencies who track such info from their shooting incidents (one of whom is a foreign LE agency), but they aren't in the habit of ordinarily releasing such info for public consumption, nor are they in the practice of "endorsing" ammunition.

    Besides, over the years I've noticed that when firearms trainers & instructors get together to discuss things, it's much more likely they're going to be discussing things other than specific ammunition.

    Training methods, tactics and mindset are generally considered to be more relevant topics.

    Ammunition is sometimes subjected to testing and review, granted, but in the long run it's simply another equipment issue, and much of the time it's not one over which trainers/instructors may have much control (if any).

    I do, however, know another instructor who's been carrying the .380 C/Defense load. He chose it because he learned it was reportedly approved by a major West Coast agency for its officers' secondary & off-duty .380 weapons ... and it's exhibited acceptable feeding, functioning & practical accuracy in his S&W BG 380.

    I imagine that sooner or later I'll probably start to hear some anecdotal feedback from other instructors about this still relatively new Hornady ammo ...
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  10. I've never been impressed enough with Hornady handgun loads to justify paying double what I pay for Rangers, HSTs, and Gold Dots.
  11. Hornady is the only reputable ammo maker I know of offering a 147-grain XTP in .357sig. I haven't been able to try it out yet but I am very reassured after learning that Hornady isn't using a 9mm bullet in this round. You're right about the cost-per-round factor, but since Hornady has an excellent reputation for quality I think it may turn out to be an excellent ammo option for this caliber.
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  12. Andy W,

    fastbolt's observations & comments are spot on, with my LE friends they discuss method/training far greater than gear (ammo).

    I use Hornady XTP/FTX rounds and reload with XTP bullets exclusively, because they have proven in my tests from my guns to be the best (watch the wording) "all around" cartridge & bullet. I have not tested these using animal flesh/bone etc.

    Good luck with your search.
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  13. SCmasterblaster

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    I would like to see what the CorBon 115gr JHP +p 9mm load would do to the hog head.
  14. I sent some 10mm's to chopinbloc for testing. He should be possibly doing the gel video this weekend.
  15. Me too. Years back these were Massad Ayoob's favorite load in 9mm. The Sierra bullet they use is not optimized for shooting through hard barriers though.

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  16. SCmasterblaster

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    I understand that CorBon makes their own 115gr JHP in 9mm, rather than use the old Sierra bullet.
  17. You might be right.

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  18. SCmasterblaster

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    Which reminds me, I have just one box of the CorBon 9mm ammo left.

    Time to order the next batch!

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