Horizontal Mag Pouch??

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by silveraider, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. I am trying to find a single magazine pouch that is positioned horizontaly opposed to the traditional vertical positioning. Either kydex or nylon would be fine. Does this exist??

    If it doesn't exist would a pouch for a knife work, as I am only concealing a G26 mag.

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  3. our own GTer TacticalKydex, will make them any way you want them..
    edit to add: TacticalKydexls sells on e-bay, great person to deal with.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I would prefer kydex if possible. I will have to contact tacticalkydex for more info. I would want the mag butt to face rearward and bullet tip down.

    I did find the safariland one online but wasnt impressed from the pictures. The more I think about it I would like it to be open on one end. Less to fumble with if a reload were to be needed.
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    This is the one, I have. it seems more like soft plastic than leather / leatherette, but fits the magazine and an 1 1/2 inch belt well.
    I have not actually worn it out of the house, yet, tho :embarassed:
  6. search cop talk for the thread vertical vs horizontal carry. You may find some useful information there. I personally use a safariland with the mag butt plate facing my belt buckle. Just my personal preference for draw in a crouched position.
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  8. www.magholder.com, I just ordered one yesterday so I have no experience withit yet.
  9. Safariland 123. Like $15 or less and works great! Very secure. I don't fret about the flap.

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  10. That Safariland looks like some bondage toy! Check into some good leathermakers, you won't be sorry and they will last your lifetime. Plus when you put on a few pounds like me those verticle mag pouches start to hurt!
  11. I haven't found a vertical carrier yet I find comfortable. I can't even feel the Safariland 123 when I'm wearing it, and it conceals very well.
  12. Ordered a Magholder on September 3rd, received it yesterday. Mission accomplished. Really like this thing.
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    Love my Safariland 123. Always carry a 17 round 9mm magazine in it and don't even notice it.
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    What's the model number of the double stack version? Didn't see it on their website.
  15. I have both the SHTF one and the Sidearmor one. IMO, the SHTF one is better as it is covered with a Velcro flap whereas the Sidearmor one is merely an open ended carrier and seems to snag on stuff, at least for me.

    One of the best (albeit unmentioned) reasons for horizontal mag carriers is that for people who live in very hot & humid areas they prevent metal mags from touching "love handles". I have had SIG mags rust in a day in south TX touching mine. Many holster makers make holsters with sweat shields but damn few for mag carriers.
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