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Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by ESAFO, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. for all of us campers out here lets see what you reside in when your on a road trip or in a campground.
    mine is a 06' Innsbruck 26ft RLS


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  3. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    Very nice. I sleep in a tent or in the back of a ford explorer.

  4. We are tent campers too. Where do you store your steps when on the road?
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  5. Hummer

    Hummer Big Member

    Nice rig, ESAFO. Looks like you have it set up in a semi permanent location, maybe a home away from home?

    We're still using a 1966 Prowler 17.5' camper trailer that my uncle had when he took me hunting back in the '60's. I've had it 27 years and it's still in great shape. I use it every year as my elk hunting base camp, for our annual spring camp along the Colorado River near Moab, and maybe another trip or two to the mountains.

    For various reasons I've removed the siding and replaced the insulation with modern foam board. It's cozy inside for winter weather camping with nice carpet, insulated curtains, good bed, shower, etc. The original Dometic propane/electric refrigerator stopped working this year so I want to find a replacement.

    I look at more modern units and we may get one someday but this one does the job and costs almost nothing....


  6. thanks & my wife would not be caught dead in a tent, roughing it for my wife on vacation is a suite... :rofl:

    thank you & yes it is on property that we own in a campground, you buy the lot you own it & pay taxes on it.
    it's basically a little town inside of this campground & if you can't find something to do then you have issues.
    it's only about 45min from our house, but yes it's a great little get away.
    you deff dont see many like that around here still in any kind of shape to sleep in & even when you do get a new unit you still use alot of electricity or propane to stay warm. :upeyes:
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  7. i built the steps myself & used stainless bolts for the legs, so when or if it leaves the lot just unbolt the legs & the steps will lay flat in the bed of this.
    other wise we just would use the steps mounted from the factory under the trailer, the reason i built the steps is because the way it sits on the lot.
    it's placed higher our lot has just alittle slope which is nice so rain does'nt lay anywhere, so when stepping down the very bottom step is a doozy. :faint: :rofl:
  8. Tvov

    We haven't hunted out of our camper (yet), but son and I are planning on a couple scouting trips this year using the trailer. The picture was taken a few years ago. It is a Forest River 21' Surveyor, towed by a 2008 F250 crewcab:

  9. jdeere_man


    I don't have any great pictures of my rig on this computer, but here's on I have on photobucket. [​IMG]

    I love the time I spend in my camper and the places it takes me.
  10. Hummer

    Hummer Big Member

    Looks like a great rig, JD, perfect for both campgrounds and getting off onto more remote forest service and BLM roads. When we travel I often use forest service maps to find (free) sites that are beyond the high traffic campgrounds. Many places are real gems that offer much more privacy in a more natural setting.
  11. jdeere_man


    I try to stay off the beaten path as much as possible. I refuse to stay in rv parks. I prefer to stay at cheap or free places. Where there are few to no people. I have 4 solar panels on the roof and 4 huge 6 volt batteries, plus a 4kw generator (I hardly use) so lack of services is no problem. I love BLM campgrounds, and NFS campgrounds, and any spot I can find to park.

    I'm a pretty lucky guy I guess, I took myself to Alaska this summer (that pic was take en route). That cost me quite a bit (in fuel) so I might be stuck close to home this year, but it was worth it. I might come to Colorado if I go anywhere. Of all the places I've been it is my favorite.
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  12. we use a pop up camper for our hunting needs. we flat out froze our butts this past Jan, chasing AZ deer. lucky we had a Mr Buddy heater going all night. we hooked it up to a 20lb propane bottle which last a really long time. kept it above freezing for the most part.

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