Home Defense: TLR-1 vs TLR-1 Strobe vs Glock Light

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by Beprepared1, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. For home defense, which would/do you use?

    I have a TLR-1 currently, but I don't mind dropping a few hundred to have the best...

    for pure HD, which would you choose

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  3. Its funny you posted this today I was actually just about to order a TLR-1s. As far as HD lights go I wouldnt even mess with the Glock light its only 60 lumens sure it bright enough to see your way down the hallway and attract attention. The TLR-1 though at 130 and the TLR-1s and 160 lumens and with the strobe is just ridiculous. The streamlights IMHO are by far a better buy for the money than the glock light with a much more efficent and brighter light being the C4 LED. The only light that comes close to the Streamlights is the surefire and its $150 more so why even go that route!?? So my vote is the Streamlight TLR-1 or TLR-1s!!!:number1:

  4. MarkCO

    Millennium Member CLM

    The Glock light is not even worht buying. Streamlight or SureFire. I have TLR-1s, one a strobe and one not. Personally, the strobe is a good option for LE and entry type folks, but for me, when at home and such, the TLR-1 is my choice.

    The strobe offers LE another tool to try and gain control and possibly avoid using lethal force. During training with LE in a carbine course, I saw the strobe used very effectively. But, it has a similar effect on the user, after being woken up, I don't think you would be happy with the results.
  5. Numismatist

    Numismatist 5-Stand!

    TLR-1 with strobe is what I have, it blew me away for its ability to lighten up a hallway or room and also is does a great job of getting into the corners (if that makes any sense). It doesn't just point, it floods.
  6. I'm very happy with my $25 NCStar light on my Gen 4 G21.
  7. Birddog9

    Birddog9 ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    My duty weapon has a TLR-1s and I love it. I'd like to try a sure fire but can't get passed spending twice the price.
  8. Have you taken your G21 to the range and actually shot with your NCStart on it?? Im only asking cause a lot of the lower end lights after running a few hundered rounds downrange they dont hold up to well to it...
  9. MarkCO

    Millennium Member CLM

    You are too kind. :supergrin:

  10. Hey if it holds up I might just go and save myself $100:whistling:
  11. Let me quote my Glock Armorer Instructor when discussing Glock's lights and accessories, "Guys, Glock makes guns (wink wink)." Forget about their light.
  12. Before you rely on the strobe check to see how your reaction time is with it on. Without it being attached to the gun in the dark strobe a friend that has his hands by his sides. Then without you knowing when, he quickly raises his hands towards you. Notice how long it takes you for your brain to register that his hands have started moving. Some folks can still quickly pick up on the movement but not others. If you're in the last group maybe a strobe isn't for you.
  13. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    I vote for the TLR-1 no strobe C4 version.... I have several hundreds of rounds down range on mine mounted to both my G19 and AR-15.
  14. I've put about 100 rounds through it so far with no issues. I don't plan on keeping it on the gun very often while shooting at the range though. No sense putting too much unnecessary wear & tear on the thing. FWIW, I would do the same thing with a more expensive light as well.
  15. Consider an Insight Tech as well. If you need water resistance, it is good to 66 feet.
  16. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member


    For HD, I like the TLR-1.

  17. What about the TLR-2? Does anybody like the laser feature?
  18. For nightstand HD I have the Insight Tech M6X LED light/laser on my G29SF.

    I also have a G30 with CT LG's and a Surefire X300 on it. The more tools the better IMHO.
  19. I have the TLR-1s on my g23
  20. I don't do weapon attached lights for HD. I like to have the option of illuminating an area without my weapon pointed in that direction, especially in my home.

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