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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Chris Brines, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. And you actually think you can do that at 10-20-30 yards with a person running away from you? Seriously?

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  2. I'd have taken the shot too...but I would have shot towards his feet. If I hit him in the leg or foot, great, if not I am pretty sure he'd figure I wasn't playing around after that point.

  3. I know there are so many differing thoughts on this but from what you said about this situation I'd absolutely take my Daniel Defense M4 with its Aimpoint loaded with 70 grain Barnes TSX's. 2nd choice would be my Glock 19 with Corbon DPX's, with Meprolights. Either one with my skill I have pin point accuracy and know exactly where impact will be at any distance. And bottom line I trust myself with any life including my own, but that took years for me to feel that way. Some ******* gets away with kidnapping a child it will probably end very badly as opposed to my aim by the stats!
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    Man, the Internetz is great!
  5. Which is why as soon as I got line of sight I would stop, swap for a slug, and aim.
  6. thats a tough scenerio i like my sg for thinking about someone breaking in but obviously in that stiuation its not the optimal weapon to have. Luckily in that case for me id still have my ruger sr9c not a long range gun but better than a scattergun in that scenerio.
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  7. Not a very technical observation but an observation. 4 year old weighs between 35 to 50 pounds and stands about 3 1/2 -4 feet tall. In order to pick up the kid you have to hold it at least chest high in order to run.
    Unless the pervert turns around to use the kid as a shield I see no problem shooting him in the calf, ankle area and dropping him.
    I'm glad it all turned out well for the Family.
    I have no issue with a shotgun for home defence, sometimes it can be the best choice.
    When I deployed often I kept a 00 loaded 870 in the Master closet. 4 doors between the wife and Son (who slept in our bed at 2) and a rather large and angry doberman.
    The instructions were keep the doors all locked and closed, if you hear a noise call the Cops take the phone and get in the closet.
    Stay on the line and shove the barrel under the door knob, if the door knob turns before the Cops get there pull the trigger.
    I often wodered what a door knob would do to a burglar when propelled by a shotgun blast.
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    Someone who is willing to break into your home while you are there to snatch your child has watched and planned things out, its not a random act. Leaving them alive only leaves the chance of things being repeated (only better planned). That's not a chance I'd be willing to take.

    However, taking a shot at someone holding a child would only be worth the risk if they were about to enter a vehicle, an absolute last resort.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

  10. agreed :supergrin:
  11. The next time you wear out a pair of sneakers take them to the range and set one out at 20 feet and take a shot with 00 Buck.
    Now count the holes.
    You can take the shot at a moving target and shoot his feet out from under him without worrying about hitting a kid in his arms at least 24 or more inches above that perverts feet.
  12. Warp


    Tough call.

    I would do (and recommend others do) everything possible to avoid shooting. However, if the guy is truly going to escape with the daughter...I think it's worth the risk of taking a shot.

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