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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by cjkoz1975, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Hi, I'm looking at a N82 pro, raven concealment and Forest City tactical holster to carry my gen 4 19 and gen 3 26. I'm looking for any and all info anybody might have to compare the three. Thank you.

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  4. What is the best for concealment from them?
  5. SCmasterblaster

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  6. I have an N82 pro for my LP9. Its definitely comfortable and secure.

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  7. Just bought an N82 pro for mine.
  8. How do you like it? Having never carried yet I am concerned that I will have difficulty getting comfortable with something IWB. I assume this is normal. Right?
  9. I use the Raven Concealment Phantom for my G23, and I love it. I wear it OWB, at 8:00 (lefty). Put it on in the morning and forget about it. The included belt loops hold the holster securely, keeping it from wandering around my Bull Hyde belt. I can not say enough good things about the Phantom. They offer quick ship options for most Glocks as well as a LEO discount. I actually picked up a second one for when I feel compelled to attach a light to my EDC. Lifetime warranty to boot, and in my mind you have the best holster that money can buy.

    I can not speak of using it IWB, as I am a little to um... round around the middle for that to be comfortable.

    They do offer a couple of different belt loops. Ones for IWB, the included OWB setup, as well as a new pancake set. I have the pancake set in my safe, just have not got around to trying them yet.

  10. Would you say it is well concealed? I really want to be able to be unnoticed. I do like the raven concealment and the n82 looks awesome for IWB. I'm really torn here.
  11. OWB will never be as concealable as IWB. That is just a fact. However, my style is t-shirts, and open button ups, and I think it conceals really well. Never been made while carrying, that I am aware of...... I buy my button ups a size larger than what I would wear if i was actually buttoning them up, and find that they offer me plenty of concealment. Prints and patterns work better than solids as they break up the outline you are hiding. For me slightly less concealable ( but indiscernible to virtually everyone ) was ok for a significantly more comfortable carry.
  12. Big fan of N82 products.
  13. I run a raven concealment with a G19 since its winter time but I also wear it in the summer time too ... it fits really well up against the body. one of my buddies didnt even know i was carrying one time with it so thats a place and I carry mine at the 3 oclock position.
  14. IWB or OWB?
  15. Ordered it last thursday. Still hasnt shipped. Guess with all the panic turnaround time is longer.
  16. Ordered last thursday. Still hasnt shipped.
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  17. I run the Raven on the OWB the holster and belt loops literally bring the grip and the slide of the gun right next to the skin or fabric of the body.

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  18. After much personal debate and helpful input from all of you I have finally ordered my 1st holster. I have decided to go with the N82 professional. Hopefully it is good. If I end up getting another one I will be trying an OWB like the raven I think. Thank you all. I will give my impressions once it comes.

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